Nerds Social Club – Episode 51

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Nerds Social Club Episode 51 - But Why Tho

It’s Episode 51 and the lads are in the Halloween spirit. Aaron and Ped both watched The Shining and had a fun discussion about it. This was Aaron’s first viewing of the movie, so the guys got into the dynamics of the film and what they hope Doctor Sleep delivers in the upcoming sequel.

Aaron also regales Ped with what an American trick or treat looks like.

The big nerd news of the week was attached to Disney+ as the official launch date is now two weeks out. The big trailer was most definitely The Mandalorian. Just after a week after we got The Rise of Skywalker, which was discussed on last weeks pod.

Other trailers advertised were Forky Asks A Question and, Pixar In Real Life. One of the most surprising bits of news was that Apple+ launched without a whole lot of fuss. The guys talk about the advertising for the two streamers, and the catalog behind each. All of this following the announcement that Sony would be cancelling Playstation VUE.

Aaron, and Ped also got into the details of HBO MAX’s big investor presentation and the major news about one Game Of Thrones show being cancelled, The Long Night, while House of Dragons was given a full season.

Other topics discussed in Episode 51 were the announcements of Ant-Man 3, Spider-Verse 2, Weis and Benioff leaving Star Wars, and Ewan McGregor’s recent interviews talking about the Obi-Wan show.