7 Affordable Cosplay Basics From Forever 21 From a Bodysuit to a Jacket

Reading Time: 3 minutes

I love to cosplay! But my budget doesn’t always feel the same way. Cosplaying can be a bit of an expensive hobby, so sometimes I have to be bit resourceful when it comes to building a character’s look.

That’s why I’ve found the best way for me to cosplay on my budget is something I like to call, low maintenance cosplay”. Which means I shop around stores like Forever 21 to find pieces that I can use for cosplay looks that are pretty easy for me to customize for the desired look I’m going for. It helps save me time and works for my hobby budget especially when I can use an item more than once. Here’s an example of one I did last Halloween with a faux leather catsuit on sale $20 at Forever 21. It made a great Catwoman cosplay and I still have plans to reuse it for future cosplay too.

(This item is, unfortunately, unavailable at the time of this publication)

And that’s how easy it can be for anyone. Below is a list of cosplay inspirations from Forever 21  that I think would make an addition to anyone’s cosplay looks. Whether you want to wear them as is, make alterations to make them more accurate, or just them customize to your liking, they are a great resource for anyone to use.

Dark Lady – Sailor Moon  

Forever 21 – Sheer Mesh Knee-Length Dress

Cammy – Street Fighter 


Forever 21 – Seamless Mock Neck Bodysuit

Edward Elrich – Full Metal Alchemist

Forever 21 -French Terry Trench Coat

Lum – Invader Lum

Forever 21 -Tiger Print Bikini Top & Bottoms 

Bulma – Dragon Ball 


Forever 21 – Faux Leather Off-The-Shoulder Bodysuit

Lupin – Lupin III


Forever 21 Draped Open-Front Blazer

Gall/Alita – Battle Angel Alita


Faux Patent Leather Bodysuit

So whether you’re a seasoned cosplay veteran or a newcomer I hope this list of cosplay might be of some use to you for your next cosplay creations. Halloween may be over, but it’s time to take advantage of the never-ending gift that is Forever 21 and get ready for your next convention.