Nerds Social Club – Episode 49

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Episode 49

Episode 49, and what a crazy week it’s been. Kevin Feige was announced as Chief Creative Officer, Disney+ is shifting into marketing mode, and The Batman continues with its high level casting announcements.

In the prior episode, Ped and Aaron talked about the potential of Marvel buying the rights of Spider-Man back at a sizeable cost, as rumors circulated online. This week however, the news was fully on Kevin Feige, as it was announced the Marvel creative will now be responsible for Marvel Studios, Marvel TV, Marvel animation, and Marvel comics. The guys talk about the impact on the current slate of Marvel TV, and whether they expect to see some of the popular Marvel Netflix characters back.

Also this week, Disney+ launched a thread to end all threads on Twitter that detailed all of the properties that would be available on the upcoming streaming service as of November 12. Ped and Aaron also highlight the article from The Hollywood Reporter, where Bob Iger shared a considerable amount of news on why Disney decided to enter the streaming market. It’s a fascinating article with a lot of depth, we highly recommend reading it.

Lastly, this week saw two casting announcements for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The most notable announcement was that Zoe Kravitz would be playing the high profile role of Selena Kyle a.k.a. Catwoman. Also recently announced was that Jonah Hill has not been cast as the Riddler, but that Paul Dano would instead play the role of the devious villain.

Finally on Episode 49, the guys talk quickly about The Jungle Cruise, Masters of Air, the controversy around the Dolittle movie, and the SNL skit featuring David Harbor about The Grouch.