Out of the Black Hole Comes Fortnite Chapter 2

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Fortnite Chapter 2

Today, Epic Games launched Fortnite Chapter 2, available as a free download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android two days after going dark on all of their channels, offering up a blackhole instead of the game itself. Chapter 2 brings some huge changes to Fortnite.

Players are dropped in to an all-new island featuring 13 locations which includes new water gameplay with swimming, fishing, motorboats and more. You can also offer up support to your squad, healing them with the Bandage Bazooka and carrying your fallen teammates to safety.

Fortnite Chapter 2

In opposite to healing, you can use new gas tanks and explosive barrels to get aggressive. Or, if hiding is more your style, you can hide in Haystacks and Dumpsters to get the drop on your opponent or go in blazing by blowing up gas tanks and explosive barrels.

Chapter 2 also brings a new upgrade to the combat. Get back to basics and battle enemies with a streamlined weapon arsenal. Plus, you can upgrade weapons using resources at the Upgrade Bench. Chapter 2 also puts a focus on more fun and less grind. Level through the all-new Season 1 Battle Pass with a brand new XP system and Medals you earn in match.

For more information, head over to www.fortnite.com.