The Best Damian Wayne Stories To Date

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The Best Damian Wayne Stories To Date

For a lot of people, Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne’s biological son and the current Robin, is considered a difficult character to like but more often than not, he is just misunderstood. Damian has had a difficult past previously being raised by his mother, Talia al Ghul, and the League of Assassins, also occasionally referred to as the League of Shadows. Because of this, Damian is brash and cold. He doesn’t know how to show his emotions properly and he is unlearning a lot of toxic behavior.

In his first appearance in Batman #655, the first issue of the “Batman and Son” story arc, Damian attempts to kill Tim Drake, assuming that he must prove himself to win the attention of Bruce. However, the character is a child and he has grown a lot since then and now has meaningful relationships with his family and his various pets he has picked up throughout his time as Robin. With that being said, here are the best stories featuring Damian Wayne.

Batman and Robin by Grant MorrisonFrank Quitely, and Philip Tan

The Best Damian Wayne Stories To Date

Grant Morrison’s run on Batman and Robin finds Dick Grayson taking on the role of the Dark Knight and was previously featured on my list of best Dick Grayson stories. With Dick as Batman, Damian takes over the job of being a brooding grump. However, over the course of the run, Damian learns to trust his new partner and grows incredibly close to Dick. His loyalty to his brother his proven time and time again throughout the run as the two take on everyone from the Joker, Professor Pyg, and even Damian’s own mother, Talia al Ghul. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link.

New 52: Batman and Robin

The Best Damian Wayne Stories To Date

New 52: Batman and Robin puts Bruce back in the cowl. Having previously been stuck time, Bruce returns and takes back his rightful place as the Caped Crusader, much to Damian’s initial disproval. Much like Bruce is not Damian’s Batman, Damian is not Bruce’s Robin.

The two learn to not only be partners but to be father and son. Far more alike than they are different, the two tend to but heads but Bruce quickly learns that Damian has to unlearn how to be a soldier and learn how to be a child before either can be happy. The series also features the introduction of Damian’s great dane Titus who quickly becomes one of his most loyal companions. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link.

Batman Incorporated

The Best Damian Wayne Stories To Date

After Bruce’s return to Gotham, he established Batman Incorporated, a global organization publically funded by Bruce Wayne to fight crime. The ongoing series, also from Morrison, follows the Bat-family around the world as they take on threats both domestic and foreign.

The series is controversial for fans of Damian Wayne because is also where the character dies (don’t worry, this is comics and this list is long so he obviously comes back). However, Damian also shows a lot of growth during this time period including adopting a series of pets, including a cow that he aptly names Bat Cow, that he grows to love and protect. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link.

Robin: Son of Batman

Robin: Son of Batman follows Damian as he sets out to right the wrongs he committed while living with his mother and the League of Assassins. During the run he also Goliath, one of the dragon bats who guarded the sceptre of the kings in Bialya. During the year of blood, which Damian is attempting to atone for, Damian was forced by his mother to prove himself by slaughtering several generations of the guardians to get the sceptre. However, Goliath was an infant at the time and upon seeing Damian, licks him on the nose. Damian was unable to kill the creature. Now with Goliath in toe, Damian works to correct his mistakes. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link.

Li’l Gotham

Li’l Gotham is unlike anything else on this list and does not take place in regular DC Comics’ continuity. The series is a light-hearted and fun look at the Bat-family. From artist and author Dustin Nguyen and co-writer Derek Fridolfs, the series features Nguyen’s signature watercolor style. The beautiful art is highlighted by the whimsical nature of the story itself where Batman and Robin often find themselves stopping significantly less serious crimes than what we are used to. The series also gives Damian a new pet in its Thanksgiving issue when he saves a turkey named Jerry. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link.

Robin Wars

After Damian’s return to Gotham, he finds Bruce is missing and Court of Owls have taken control of the city council, making it illegal to wear any memorable related to Robin. Teaming up with his brothers and a team of street kids, including Duke Thomas, Damian fights the Court to retake control of the city. However, the Court convince Damian to join them by using Dick Grayson as leverage.

Luckily, Grayson is able to stop them by offering to work for them, which he later uses as a way to take them down from the inside. During the run, Damian not on gets to banter with his brother but with Duke Thomas who ends up being a welcome addition to the Bat-Family. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link.

Gotham Academy #8 and Gotham Academy: Second Semester #11

While these are the only single issues on the list, the entire series Gotham Academy is worth picking up. However, Damian only features briefly within the entirety of the comic run. Either way, his reluctant friendship with Maps, a very loveable supporting character from the series, makes these two issues some of the best work DC Comics has ever put out. Damian’s brash nature bounces right off of Maps.

Though at the end of the day, Damian is protective of his new friend as they face down evil statues and other oddities within Gotham’s oldest prep school even if he won’t outwardly admit it. Gotham Academy is also featured within the Robin Wars event where Damian and Maps run into each other briefly as well. You can grab the Gotham Academy and Gotham Academy: Second Semester using our ComiXology affiliate link.

Super Sons

Super-Sons follows Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, the son of Superman. The two best friends fight crime and try to bring justice to the world like their fathers but in doing so get into a whole heap of trouble. Super-Sons is downright adorable and similar to Damian’s relationship with Maps, Damian is the raincloud to Jon’s sunshine. Their banter is the best part of the series as Jon learns to stick up for himself and Damian learns how to be a better friend to those he cares about. You can grab it now using our ComiXology affiliate link. It is also available with a ComiXology Unlimited subscription.

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