Nerds Social Club – Episode 48

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Episode 48

Episode 48 and it seems Spider-Man is back on the topics list again. After last weeks episode when Ped, and Aaron, excitedly discussed the return of Spidey into the MCU, a week later and there’s more news. Also there were numerous trailer drops from NYCC plus Ped gives his non-spoiler review of Joker.

In the last few days a rumor has been circulating that Disney may be weighing the option of buying back the rights of Spider-Man from Sony to the sum of a whopping $3b to $5b. Is this too much to pay for one character alone? There’s plenty of variables to cover, and in episode 48 Aaron, and Ped, do their best to cover all of the different reasons of why Disney may be considering this.

Also in the news was an article from Variety covering Brie Larson who apparently approached Kevin Feige about wanting to create an all female Marvel A-Force film. Ped gives an excellent opinion about how Disney, and Marvel, will start to view their products and on which platform they end up being distributed to.

Sony Trisar was in the news this week as they may be partnering with Netflix to host some of their coming movies. The guys talk about the impact of this, and whether this will open up doors for other opportunities.

Also on this weeks episode the two English nerds cover trailers from Rick and Morty, Lost in Space, 1917, Picard, Onward, and Zombieland. Last, Ped gives a non-spoiler review of Joker.