Episode 24: Seis Manos (2019)

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Sies Manos

Magic, Martial Arts and Mexicans, Seis Manos is the most on brand anime for one of our hosts. This week LaNeysha and Kate review the new Netflix Original series from Castlevania’s Powerhouse Animation. Created by Brad Graeber and Álvaro RodríguezSeis Manos marks the first major adult anime centered on a Latinx story, specifically a Mexican story. Set in 1970s Mexico, Seis Manos revolves around three orphans trained in Chinese martial arts, Isabela (Aislinn Derbez), Jesus (Jonny Cruz), and Silencio. When their Sifu and surrogate father, Chui (Vic Chao), is murdered, they join forces with Brister (Mike Colter) an American DEA agent, and Officer Garcia (Angélica Vale), a Mexican police officer, to avenge him.

Hit play to listen to the women dissect the eight-episode series, keep it spoiler-lite, and discuss issues of race and identity in the series. Find out why Seis Manos continuing the trend of diverse Netflix anime like Cannon Busters is important.


No Crunchytime this week because it was all about Seis Manos. 

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  1. The whole time your watching this show, ask yourself “why”, then wait as not a single question is answered and the plot is moved by the forces of….. convenience?

    For he’s part, as always Danny Trejo offers a powerful & intimidate voice for just as powerful & intimidating a character, the rest of the script & voice acting is not quite as fluid & natural as it could be (however in the actor’s defense, this really is a poorly written story).

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