Nerds Social Club – Episode 46

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Episode 46, is dominated by discussions of Kevin Feige. Also Matt Reeves the Batman had some exciting casting news, and there was multiple video game announcements.

This week Ped and Aaron breakdown news related to Kevin Feige. Bob Iger’s new book “The Ride of a Lifetime” released this week, and with it came some telling excerpts. Most notably, Iger recalls the tension between Ike Perlmutter of Marvel Entertainment, and Kevin Feige, who at the time reported to Perlmutter. Without the intervention from Iger, and the organization restructuring, perhaps we’d have a very different MCU right now.

Marvel TV also announced the cancellation of Ghost Rider on HULU before the show even began filming. Rumors circulated later that day that perhaps the antihero was headed for the MCU instead. The guys discuss whether Marvel TV continues to have a role in the Marvel Universe, or whether the larger MCU is taking all of their toys back under one roof.

This news would have been enough during a normal week, but this was no normal week. Unexpectedly announced from the galactic branch of Disney, Kevin Feige was tipped to working on a future Star Wars film. Aaron, and Ped, discuss what role Feige will play in a galaxy far, far away, and who they think could lead this franchise forward.

Also on episode 46, J. Jonah Jameson video, rumored Madame Web movie, the Last of Us Part II, Jedi Fallen Order, Batman Capture the Knight, The Batman cast Jeffrey Wright and Jonah Hill, and talks on all of this weeks trailers.