REVIEW: ‘Batman/Superman,’ Issue #2

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BatmanSuperman #2 - But Why Tho

Batman/Superman #2 is published by DC Comics, written by Joshua Williamson, with art by David Marquez, colors by Alejandro Sanchez, and letters by John J. Hill. Having uncovered The Batman Who Laughs’ Batcave last issue and the deadly surprise of The Shazam that Laughs, Superman and Batman must find a way to overcome the savage assault of Earth’s Mightiest Mortal.

Batman/Superman #2 puts the reader front row for an action-packed story. Not a lot of characters in the DC Universe can give both Batman and Superman a hard time. Shazam, however, is certainly one of those individuals. Williamson does an amazing job of writing a twisted Billy Bateson. He’s manipulative and cruel, exploiting Superman’s greatest weaknesses.

Rounding out the pitch-perfect presentation of Shazam is Marquez’s art. With every page, you can feel the crackle of Shazam’s energy. It is easy to believe his powers are equal to Superman. The art in Batman/Superman #2 puts Shazam in a near overpowering position with its frames.

And while Batman/Superman #2 elevates its antagonist with skill, this doesn’t mean it lets it’s marquee characters linger in his shadow. Both heroes are given ample opportunity to show why they are The World’s Finest. Even though Batman lacks in the brute strength department, he still finds ways to impact the situation. Williamson is able to write these moments into the plot without resorting to means or leaps in logic that feel ridiculous.

Outside of the character themselves, the art as a whole is well done. The action is present in a way that feels both dynamic and overpowering; putting the reader amongst the combatants at all times. The color balancing by Sanchez is also spot on. It has great contrasts that push all the right elements into the reader’s attention.

Batman/Superman #2 also lays some interesting groundwork for where the story is going]. We see that Commissioner Gordon is up to something but why remains a mystery. It is easy to suspect he has come under The Batman Who Laughs thrall, but it could be a well-placed red herring. Gordon is a supporting character that doesn’t always get the appreciation he deserves, especially given all he has done for Gotham over the years. And while Batman found himself out of his element in Batman/Superman #2, it looks like Superman will be the one out of his comfort zone next issue. I hope the creative team can continue to balance the presence of its characters so superbly. Keeping a sense of equality between two such monolithic characters requires a light touch and so far, they’ve managed it in spades. Batman/Superman #2  continues this story’s strong start with an excellent follow-up issue. The creative team is putting together a story with all the elements of a classic comic book adventure. I just hope they can keep it up.

Batman/Superman #2 is available now.

Batman/Superman #2


The creative team is putting together a story with all the elements of a classic comic book adventure.