Fantastic Fest 2019 Reveals Festival Award Winners

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Fantastic Fest 2019 Awards
Photo compliments of Jack Plunkett

Fantastic Fest 2019 marks 15 years of bringing together genre fans from across the globe. With films from multiple countries, in different genres, and from a diverse array of perspectives, Fantastic Fest showed an amazing slate of films. Now, this year’s Fantastic Fest Award winners have been announced for an amazing year for features and shorts, making the job of honoring a select crop all the more difficult for the Festivals jurors. See below for a list of winners and jurors.

The shorts were judged by Peter Hall, an Austin-based filmmaker, producing feature films, digital series, and short films, Josh Miller, a writer-director, podcaster, and film programmer, and Gigi Guerroro, Mexican filmmaker and actress who has quickly risen to the top of the talent to watch with her work on Culture Shock

The horror features were judged by Ashlee Blackwell, scholar and creator of Graveyard Shift Sisters, a digital resource archiving Black women in both the horror/sci-fi genres, Meredith Borders, Managing Editor of FANGORIA magazine, Robin R. Means Coleman, Vice President and Associate Provost for Diversity and a Professor in the Department of Communication at Texas A&M University,  Brian Taylor,  director, and Jason Trost, a fourth-generation filmmaker that has worked in the film industry for his entire life.

Fantastic Fest 2019 Awards
Photo compliments of Jack Plunkett

The Main competition was judged by Nick Bruno, film programmer, Yohann Comte is a Co-Founder of Charades sales and production company based in Paris, France, Emily Gotto, an acquisitions and sales consultant whose clients include AMC Networks’ Shudder, Aijah Keith, the Director of Acquisitions and Production for IFC Films, Sundance Selects and IFC Midnight, Issa López, writer-director of the acclaimed Tigers Are Not AfraidRobert Saucedo, who leads the programming teams for the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema’s Houston, Lubbock and El Paso locations, and Emily Sears, writer and film critic.

The Next Wave section was judged by Liane Cunje, a Programmer for the Overlook Film Festival in New Orleans, and has been an International Programming Associate for the Toronto International Film Festival since 2017, Taylor Devorsky, Manager of Sales at independent film distributor Samuel Goldwyn Films, Amanda Kramer, filmmaker, Riley Stearns, filmmaker, and Antoine Waked, Development Executive at Abbout Productions and Schortcut Films since 2010.

Fantastic Fest 2019 Awards

Best Picture: Dogs Don’t Wear Pants, directed by Jukka-Pekka Valkeapää
Best Director: Katrin Gebbe for Pelican Blood


Fantastic Fest 2019 Awards

Best Picture/Director: Patrick directed by Tim Mielants
Special Mention for Creative Vision for WYRM


Fantastic Fest 2019 Awards

Best Picture: Color Out of Space directed by Richard Stanley
Special Mention to actress Kiersey Clemons for Sweetheart
Special Mention to The Pool for Most Fun Movie to See with an Audience


Best Picture: Valerio’s Day Out directed by Michael Arcos
Best Director: Robin Jensen of Farce
Special Mention to Bunny directed by Hunter Ray Barker and Tucker Tripp


Best Picture: Bad Hair directed Oskar Lehemaa
Best Director: Dylan Holmes Williams of The Devil’s Harmony
Special Mention to The Haunted Swordsman directed by Kevin Mcturk


Best Picture: The Colour of Your Lips directed by Annick Blanc
Best Director: Anna Paavilaine of Two Bodies on a Beach
Special Mention to Snowflakes directed by Faye Jackson


1. No Signal directed by Peter Hall and Paul Gandersman
2. Oomph Cola directed by Noodles MacIntosh, AJ Ruizesparza, and Familia Venkatesh
3. Polybius directed by Sharon Everitt and Doug Benson
4. Johnny One Arm directed by Jacob Ryan Snovel and Jayeton Garcia
5. Hitchheifer directed by Lee Mendez, Samantha Bennett, Francis Roman, and Mei Makino

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