‘Anthem’: So, What’s After the Cataclysm?

Reading Time: 3 minutes

BioWare finally delivered their severely delayed content update, Cataclysm, in the early part of August. It was met with an overall positive reception, mainly because it was finally some new content. That said, the update was also met with some negative response as well. This event is being released for a “limited time,” for some strange reason. This decision to limit probably the only thing that is saving the game for players in the “endgame” from becoming a literal remnant from the “Anthem of Creation” is ludicrous. Why tease a community with new content only to tell us at some point in the future it shall taken away and not presented when it would return back.

Though Cataclysm may not be for everyone simply because it’s barrier of entry can be a bit steep and the time limit hinders new players from being able to have fun within the confines of this new zone, the enjoyment is still there. Completion of events net you points, those points turn into minor crystals, which can then be upgraded into Major crystals to buy new gear at Masterwork guaranteed, with a chance to roll a Legendary item from the thematic war chests.

Now this is all fun and good, again for those who like it, but along with this update they did some tweaking to overall game as a whole that does make the game experience fun for a little bit. Playing in the “free roam” zones has a bit more challenge and has better loot drops as well. Yet even with that, it still seems to not be enough to keep players continued interest, especially with other looter shooters on the market now, Tom Clancy’s The Division II, Destiny 2, Warframe, and as of recently, Borderlands 3. Also with the recent departure of their Lead Producer, Ben Irving , things seemingly aren’t going well at all for the looter shooter with some of the best damn flight mechanics in the industry in my opinion.

I have been keeping my eye on the official Anthem twitter account and today they posted a blog update. To summarize it, they spoke on the fact that Cataclysm is about to be over, it lasted about 8 weeks. They also stated that they’re moving away from the Acts deliver style of content, which I feel is a good idea, especially being that none of them came to fruition in their initial implementation.

Updates will be more seasonal now, which raises questions. Will more “seasonal” events like that of Cataclysm be successful by keeping the content in a starving game palatable will it truly be successful for the game? Will the community be happy with getting temporary bits and pieces, or do they want more substantial quality content that’s added into the game permanently?

I can say part of me is happy that Anthem is getting updated as I’m still a fan of the game. I haven’t touched it much because the main selling point of the Cataclysm didn’t keep my interest long enough to keep grinding away at it for war chests. I do however hope that the next content will be just as impactful and will also be a more traditional content drop, rather than a “seasonal” event masquerading as some new DLC.

Also if you’ve never played Anthem and would like to check it out, you can access Anthem in the EA Access/Origin Access Programs. Hopefully, if it’s successfully able to recoup some more money, we may be able to see the game we know as Anthem soar above the clouds once more.