Nerds Social Club – Episode 45

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Episode 45

In episode 45, Ped has returned from a relaxing trip in the mountains to be greeted by news of another streaming service.

This week Ped and Aaron breakdown news from NBC Universal as they unveiled their new streaming service ‘Peacock’. The guys discuss the benefits of all the different services offered. Ped theorizes that the added competition will force services to trim weaker content and force them to focus on higher quality products. Aaron theorizes that increased competition will only serve to benefit the consumers for both quality and price.

Episode 45 also sees a discussion on the latest Marvel news, with rumors abound that Robert Downey Jr. will make a cameo in the upcoming Black Widow. Kevin Feige dropped never before seen footage from Iron Man that references a whole bunch of Easter eggs. What else could be in the Marvel vault?

Other items that feature on this weeks pod: the guys fawn over Jurassic World: Battle of Big Rock, should Sony remake The Princess Bride, and lastly the guys share their thoughts on the casting news for Crises on Infinite Earths.