Enter a new era of ‘Ylands’ with the Playful Platform update

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The newest update to Bohemia Interactive’s player-driven adventure, Ylands, launches the game into a new stage of Early Access. A stylish adventure game, Ylands offers both multiplayer and single-player modes that encourage creativity and ingenuity by allowing players to dictate their preferred way to play. Start on a deserted Yland (eye-land), explore, gather resources, and make a home of your own.

In Ylands you Build ships and sail to other ylands, climb mountains or descend to dark depths, and craft hundreds of items by yourself or with your friends. The newest update introduces a brand new way to play the game, improvements for both players and creators, a way for creators to monetize their creations, and the launch of the player-run economy.

With the 0.14 Update, Bohemia Interactive has concentrated on pursuing the dream of turning Ylands into an engine that is run on players’ wildest dreams. With every update, we have added bigger and better ways for creators to bring their ideas to life, but with 0.14 we have doubled down and focused on turning Ylands into a powerhouse for creators and a treasure trove for players.

Want to create a wild west adventure? You got it.

Become a medieval knight and defend your king from invaders? No problem.

Fancy yourself a steampunk maverick with your sights set on winning the first ever steam-driven car race? Ya. You can do that too.

Check all of the new features in the update below.

0.14, Playful Platform Update:

  • Creation platform: With a new way to handle dedicated servers, persistent player progressions, workshop and editor improvements – a new player-driven era is upon Ylands
  • Monetization: Just by attaching a single logic block to any element in the Editor, creators can monetize any aspects of their creations. We leave it completely up to them where, why, and how they put their price tags
  • Custom UI editor: With this newest addition to the suite of Editor tools, creators can whip up a whole new graphical user interface within seconds, to fit their custom games
  • Playlands: A gorgeous new playground for players to experience – this new map not only houses the new mini-games, but is also home to many secrets and nifty little details for players to find
  • Mini-games: A new way to play Ylands – these short multiplayer games can be completed within minutes, perfect for a quick fix of Ylands, to gain some XP, and level up your account
  • Fashion room: Found in the Playlands, the go-to place to refresh your wardrobe and show off the classy attire you’ve acquired from leveling up
  • New AI and graphical enchantments: Every creature (and player model) received a visual overhaul to complement their new vicious closer-to-reality artificial intelligence
  • And of course, the update also brings a slew of fixes, improvements, and additions to existing game systems.

You can check out the Dev Diary below to take a look at all of these amazing features!


To find out more information about the update, the release date of Ylands, or to apply to the new mobile alpha we are launching, head on over to our website we created exclusively for this update.

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