North Star’s ‘Evolution’ is Coming to Nintendo Switch

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The Evolution Board Game, the turn-based strategy game of adaptation from North Star Digital Studios, is in it’s newest evolution as it comes to the Nintendo Switch ecosystem in early 2020. For such a big occasion, the title is holding its biggest sale yet, with 40% off the game it’s current platforms which include mobile (iOS and Android) and on the PC through Steam.  

In Evolution, players selectively develop a species to survive the harsh realities of the natural world. You start from humble beginnings with an intuitive learn-while-playing tutorial and decide what traits would benefit your creatures most. Are they at risk of being eaten by predators? Up their defenses with Horns or a Hard Shell. Not finding enough food on each turn? The Long Neck trait makes previously inaccessible food a valuable resource and adds it to your resources.


Ultimately you can tinker with the nigh-infinite amount of genetic combinations while enjoying new artwork, animations, and a campaign mode with enemy A.I. bosses. Now you can take these epic battles for survival on-the-go with the flexibility of the Nintendo Switch. The coolest addition to this port is the pass and play multiplayer means a whole room of friends can try their hands at building the most capable species.

Since its launch, the Evolution game series has helped more than three million players make Charles Darwin proud. The development team at North Star continues to add new features to the game to prepare for the Switch.

First you have the introduction of monthly multiplayer tournaments you can now win badges for your in-game avatar. Next you have the pass and play multiplayer mentioned above. And finally, you now have singleplayer challenges that you can play and beat for more in-game achievements, pushing players to win games more creatively. Plus, the asynchronous multiplayer have just entered beta which will allow players to have multiple online games running at the same time, which also allows you to play more casually and not play a match to completion.  


For those who prefer online play, evolve on the go with cross-platform multiplayer offering opponents from around the world. Combined with a skill-based matchmaking system, fast-paced, balanced competitions are always available.

“We love the Nintendo Switch’s capabilities for digital board games like Evolution,” said Scott Rencher, president and co-founder of North Star Digital Studios. “The speed of controller-based play is a great game experience, and the pass-and-play nature of the console offers that warm sense of community we love fostering with the board game.”

Evolution: The Video Game comes to Nintendo Switch in early 2020, but is available now in English on PC and Mac via Steam for $9 until September 20th. It is also available as free-to-try on iOS and Android with a full version available for $6 as a one time purchase.

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