Nerds Social Club – Episode 43

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Episode 43, and Ped returns after taking a week off. He eagerly shares his thoughts on some of the highlights from D23, along with some DC trailers, and surprising comedy.

In the prior episode, Aaron and Kris broke down ALL of the news coming out of D23. Given some time has passed, Aaron and Ped take a step back to delve into the details.

First on the docket is Star Wars. The lads take a deep dive into sizzle reel for The Rise of Skywalker, discuss The Mandalorian, and ponder about Obi Wan Kenobi.

This conversation spawned off an unplanned topic about the psychology of how we consume TV shows. With news coming out that The Mandalorian will air one episode a week, the guys weigh the pros and cons of show dumping vs. weekly viewing.

The second big topic for Ped and, Aaron is naturally discussing some Marvel news. Ped highlights the one show out of the bunch he’s most excited for and why.

Episode 43 next features some discussion on the upcoming DC properties of Joker and, Birds Of Prey.

Lastly, the guys give their views and highlights from two highly anticipated comedies in the form Between Two Ferns and, Jojo Rabbit.

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