ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘No One Left to Fight,’ Issue #3

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No One Left to Fight #3 is a comic that comes from Dark Horse Comics, written by Aubrey Sitterson, illustrated by Fico Ossio, and lettered by Taylor Esposito. The previous issue picks up with the conclusion of the fight between Vâle and Timōr. Krysta stops the fight and scolds both of them for behaving like children. The following morning, the trio make plans to visit Mistress Harga, who taught both Vâle and Timōr how to fight. As they head out, Vâle quickly becomes the center of attention once again as a hoard of fans are waiting outside to greet and thank him for saving the world. Once they arrive at Mistress Harga’s home, it’s made clear that the relationship between Harga and her pupils wasn’t great.

No One Left to Fight #3 picks up with Winda confessing her feelings for Vâle and attempting to seduce him. Vâle isn’t quite sure what to make of this revelation since he doesn’t feel the same way. Winda can’t understand why Vâle feels this way and starts getting upset. He tries to calm her down and explain things but she can’t move past his inability to feel the same way. She succumbs to her emotions and begins to use her powers against him. Meanwhile, a mysterious force plans to move against Vâle and get rid of Vâle’s affliction.

It’s a bit difficult to understand Winda’s love for Vâle without any real explanation or context. Sitterson does give some background information by including that both Winda and Vâle have known each other for a long time, but it’s not enough to fully invest me in the possibility of a relationship being formed between them. It’s understandable that not enough time can be dedicated to more context since this is a miniseries, but including something that needs further explanation distracts from the main story. This entire interaction between the two of them comes off as meaningless by the end of the issue, which doesn’t help its case for being included.

However, this interaction between the two of them brought out a side of Vâle that hasn’t been revealed yet. Vâle is known as the savior of the world and is praised by all. It’s interesting that he can’t offer a proper explanation for why he has no feelings for Winda. He’s spent his whole life fighting, and now that it’s over, it seems as if it’s hard for him to understand what Winda’s confession means. It’s possible that he struggles to find the right words because he may really not know how to express himself. She wants him to feel something that he doesn’t, which makes things worse. I applaud Sitterson for including such an intricate struggle that others might be able to relate to.

Overall, No One Left to Fight #3 lacked in context but made up for it by adding a significant trait for its titular character. It would have made a difference had this been established differently so it didn’t distract from the overall story. I’m a fan of this sort of conflict, which can often be found in dramas or romcoms, but I never got the impression that this series would fall under those genres. The introduction of a mysterious figure could lead to yet another interesting scenario for Vâle to deal with. I’m hoping that we get to see more of Timór and Krysta. It would be interesting to see more of their characters, especially with everything established in the first issue.

No One Left to Fight #3 is set to be released on September 4th, 2019.

No One Left to Fight #3


Overall, No One Left to Fight #3 lacked in context but made up for it by adding a significant trait for its titular character.