Nerds Social Club – Episode 41

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Episode 41 – Ped, and Aaron recap the biggest news over the last week including all of the Spider-Man news we’ve discovered since the initial reports came out days ago. There were also discussions on Sony’s troubles with Uncharted, a trailer discussion on Ad Astra, Masters of the Universe, and thoughts and expectations on D23.

After Aaron gave his opinion on a podcast special featuring Swara, Episode 41 was a chance for Ped to voice his frustrations and concerns against two greedy corporations that he felt were ruining the experiences for the fans they’re supposed to be producing content for. Unexpectedly, later in the podcast we got the most ambiguous instagram post via Tom Holland, and Robert Downey Jr, what could it mean?

Other matters discussed on the pod this week was a trailer break down of Ad Astra, and whether the lads are excited for it. Early expectations and thoughts for the Matrix 4, and Masters of the Universe. Lastly, the guys predictions, and expectations for D23!