Nerds Social Club – Marvel and Sony Podcast Special

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Join Aaron, and special guest host Swara, as they discuss the breaking news that the Marvel Sony sharing arrangement may be in trouble.

On the Marvel and Sony Podcast Special the guys break down all of the complexities of the business arrangement that originally brought Spider-Man into the fold of the MCU. Earlier in the day, Deadline broke the story that the deal was officially off, and that Spider-Man would part ways with the rest of the Avengers.

Then drama struck later on in the evening, as Variety, and others, added that while the production companies were at a standoff, the deal was not dead in the water as first thought. It appears that the two companies are at an impasse financially, but that a deal could still be reached.

The news erupted all over social media causing various discussions, and debates about the future of the MCU and Spider-Man.

Listen to Aaron, and Swara, as they list the various complexities around this subject and give their opinions about how this deal might pan out in the coming weeks.