CollegeHumor’s DROPOUT Unveils Slate of Upcoming Originals

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CollegeHumor's Dropout

CollegeHumor’s streaming service, DROPOUT announced their upcoming programming slate for the remainder of the year, which includes six new original series and one returning series, in addition to the ongoing seasons of RPG-themed Dimension 20: The Unsleeping City, nerdy gameshow Um, Actually and culinary parody Gods of Food. October alone will have a new episode of an original show airing all but nine days of the month.

“When we launched DROPOUT, it was with one specific objective: to make the kind of show that couldn’t exist on any other network,” said Sam Reich, Chief Creative Officer. “The shows we’re launching between now and the end of the year are some of our most innovative and compelling – with a dash of 90’s nostalgia, a heavy dose of modern-day themes and a heaping dollop of sour cream. I mean comedy.”

Building on the summer premieres of multiple DROPOUT original series, including crime comedy Kingpin KatieDimension 20: The Unsleeping CityUm, Actually season two and Gods of Food, the following seven shows will be premiering September through December of this year on the platform.

Breaking News – premiering September

In this newsroom, breaking means losing. These reporters don’t know what’s about to be on the teleprompter, and every laugh is a point against them. The series features the CollegeHumor cast and special guest stars.

 Game Changer – premiering September

In this game show, the game changes every show! Players begin each round without knowing the rules – and must figure them out while competing to win. Show contestants rotate every episode.

Dimension 20: Live on Twitch – premiering September

Join Game Master Brennan Lee Mulligan and his cast of players in a weekly campaign, live on Twitch. Beginning within the world of Spyre from Fantasy High, this ongoing saga may eventually incorporate any and all of the worlds of Dimension 20, including Escape from the BloodkeepThe Unsleeping City and more yet to come!

 Where in the Eff is Sarah Cincinnati? – premiering October

In this sendup of a vintage quiz show, everyone’s flakiest friend, Sarah Cincinnati, asks for geography trivia help as she travels the world, getting lost and buzzed. The series stars Rekha Shankar as host and Christine Medrano as Sarah Cincinnati. Show contestants rotate every episode.

 Ultramechatron Team Go! – premiering October

Kaiju monsters beware! Outside, they’re a giant robot defending their city; inside, they defend against each other’s incompetence. The series stars Mike Trapp, Rekha Shankar, Katie Marovitch, Raphael Chestang, Jessica Ross and Brennan Lee Mulligan.

 Paranoia (season two) – premiering November

Ally Beardsley hosts this highly entertaining game show where contestants make a joint effort to weed out who among them is secretly stoned. Show contestants rotate every episode.

 Drawga – premiering December

Expanding on the popular YouTube series, Drawga is Drawfee’s epic fantasy role playing series, where artists attempt to draw their way out of the many challenges put in their path. The series stars Caldwell Tanner, Julia Lepetit, Nathan Yaffe and Jacob Andrews.