Nerds Social Club – Episode 40

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Episode 40 – Ped, and Aaron recap the biggest news over the last week including all of Disney business updates, and Marvel announcements.

On this weeks episode the guys discuss Bob Igers quarterly business call. On the call Fox properties received a public dressing down with Dark Phoenix highlighted as a larger contributor to the loss in earnings. Also mentioned were properties such as New Mutants, and Jojo Rabbit and whether Disney is will taking to the risk on these ventures. Disney has as of late opened themselves up to a large amount of costs with the acquisition of Fox, the expansion of their theme parks with Galaxies Edge, and most notably the upcoming launch of their streaming platform Disney+. During Episode 40, Ped, and, Aaron breakdown the implications of all of these variables and what it could all mean moving forward.

Outside of the business announcements, Disney have also announced reboots of Home Alone, Cheaper By the Dozen, Night at the Museum, and The Great Mouse Detective. Exciting news broke just before the episode, with Ewan McGregor strongly rumored to have signed on with Disney+ to create an Obi-Wan Kenobi series.

Ped, and Aaron also got into discussions about the proposed Marvel TV shows in the works, after Jeph Loeb was featured in an article talking about the future of his studio and the projects they’re looking at.

Finally on Episode 40, the lads got into a discussion surrounding the potential of Sony launching a variety of Spider-Man based TV shows. The big question surrounding these properties, is where will they end up being featured? With streaming services vying for premium content, Sony seems to be in the driving seat to leverage the best deal to highlight their content.

As always, Ped, and Aaron dive down the hole of potential theories, and go off on random tangents about life, and fandom!