Dream Con 2020 Celebrates Anime, Gaming, Art, & Music June 5 – 7

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Now entering its third year, the Dream Con team looks to continue to their dedication to con-gers by moving their convention dates at the requests of fans. Con-goers can expect to see what year three has in store Friday through Sunday June 5-7 in Waco, Texas. If you have ever wanted to attend a convention that is a little unconventional but a whole lot of fun, Dream Con may be the convention for you.  Dream Con features a plethora of options for con-goers to get their fandom itch scratched ranging from anime to gaming to even live professional wrestling.

Dream Con’s inaugural year in 2018 saw the longstanding content creators RDCworld1 make their dreams of creating a convention where geeks of all shapes, color, and creeds felt accepted in the space. In the halls of the Waco Convention center, I truly believe they accomplished this goal. The convention had the things you could expect from a convention: vendors, panels, gaming tournaments and guests.

However, the biggest difference was the concerted effort to bring creators of color to the forefront. The divergence from the norm continued with the addition of live professional wrestling and dodge ball tournaments that allowed con-goers to compete against the invited guests and members of RDCworld1. The smaller convention size, primarily people of color in attendance, and the direct connections to fans made for a unique experience that I have yet to see replicated.

Dream Con’s second year in 2019 saw an improvement to an already memorable convention experience. The addition of voice actors who contributed to various anime that many of the con-goers grew up with provided an extra level of excitement in the air. The panels the voice actors conducted and the smaller convention size  allowed many to take a deep dive with the voices from their childhoods.

Outside of the voice actor’s panels, Dream Con also invited a variety of panelists that provided a fan driven experience. From Where Da Waifu’s “Waifu Wars” to “Hentai Worth Watching” with the president of Fakku, it is clear that Dream Con is comfortable providing panels outside of the box. Lastly, there was a bigger emphasis on cosplay with the invitation of more cosplay guests and the addition of a cosplay contest featuring cash prices and certified awards. While many of the things that made the first year great, it was the additions that made the second year even better.

As the year three for Dream Con approaches, I am eager to see what the team has planned. If Dream Con 2019 is any indicator, Dream Con 2020 should be a blast. While there has not been any announcments on who will be invited or the schedule panels, planning is in full swing. The team appears to still be dedicated to bringing in things that the fans want.

In addition to moving the date at fan requests, they have also put out feelers to see who fans would like to see in 2020 on social media and guest request form on their website to advocate for certain guests. Hopefully with an enough push, the invited guests will expand past just voice actors and content creators but to live-action actors, athletes, and gaming companies. My personal hope is that they invite Dallas-born Critical Role member and voice actor Travis Willingham. Regardless of who is invited, I am sure the continued success of the convention will increase the profile of who attends.

For more updates on what Dream Con 2020 has in store, be sure to follow the convention on Twitter, Instagram, and/or their website. If Dream Con sounds like the convention for you and you are able to make the trip out to Waco, Texas, tickets now on sale with prices ranging from $75 for VIP registration down to $20 for single day passes.

If you want to be apart of the action as more than just a con-goers, exhibitor, dealer, and press requests are already open on their website as well. With so many ways to get involved, you won’t want to miss out on this chance to let your geek flag fly at this very unique convention.