Nerds Social Club – Episode 39

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Episode 39 – Ped, and Aaron recap the biggest updates news over the last week including Ryan Reynolds Deadpool phase 5 tease.

During the week, Ryan Reynolds posted a picture of what he framed as his ‘phase 5’ conspiracy. The lads discuss the potential ramifications for the Deadpool franchise, and the MCU franchise. 

Outside of Marvel, episode 39 features a discussion on Jonathan Goldstein, and John Francis Daley who are rumored to be in talks for Dungeons & Dragons. Also announced this week, HBO have acquired content from BBC to exclusively be featured on their new streaming service HBO Max. 

Ped shares his non-spoiler review of the live action remake of the Lion King, and answers the question of whether it lived up the bar of the original animation.

Both Ped, and Aaron give a spoiler review of ‘The Boys’, which dropped on Amazon Prime last week, and it’s safe to say the lads absolutely loved it. WARNING: Do not listen if you’ve not finished the show yet. As a bonus, Aaron also wrote a non-spoiler review of the show for But Why Tho here.

Plenty of fancasting, and wild theories! We had some technical difficulties this week, so please bear with us as we test out some other technologies.