Nerds Social Club – Episode 38

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Episode 38

Episode 38 – Ped, Aaron and Kris recap the biggest updates that were announced out of San Diego Comic-Con and breakdown the impact of the Phase four MCU reveal.

Before jumping into the juicy new details from Comic-Con, the lads talked about a deleted scene from Avengers: End Game that recently found its way onto the internet, and discussed whether it should have been included in the film, and if it should be considered canon.

Next, the guys jumped into the meat of the show, the main event, the Marvel panel. Ped, Aaron, and Kris give their opinions for the best parts of the 90 minute presentation, and what this all means for the next phase of Marvel films.

Also discussed on Episode 38 of the podcast, does the format of SDCC still work, or should they be looking to modernize their approach by live broadcasting more of their panels online. Comparisons were made to the format style of Star Wars Celebration who had a live stream that ran live all weekend.

Outside of the Marvel panel, the guys gave their thoughts on some of the other trailers that really interested them from Westworld, to Watchmen, The Witcher, and Picard.

Plenty of fancasting, and wild theories!