Alamo Drafthouse Launches Monthly Anime Programming, ANIME-ZING

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The Alamo Drafthouse is not only known for its specialty menus and comfy seating. The Texas original cinema and eatery has also become an oasis for movie lovers for their ability to create unique movie-going experiences. From Masterpancake Theater to things like Girl’s Night Out, the specialty events at Alamo are a unique way for fans of visual media to laugh, bond, and find community. Now, the chain with 40 locations and counting in the United States – with one opening in LA in the near future – is moving into a new space: anime.

As a weeb myself, the love of Japanese animation and storytelling has led me to own services like Funimation and Crunchyroll while also giving one of my favorite movie experiences of the year in Dragon Ball Z Super: Broly. Oh, and I podcast about weeb things too. All that said the world of anime offers up stories and places that we just simply don’t get in Western animation, especially when it comes to adult animation.

Beginning in August, Alamo will bring the best of the Japanese art form back to the big screen with ANIME-ZING, a new monthly programming series. ANIME-ZING is dedicated to sharing the wonders of anime with everyone – die-hard enthusiasts and those just curious to see what all the hype is about.

Starting with titles like the infamous Ninja Scroll, the much-loved Millennium Actress, and the horror extravaganza that is  Vampire Hunter D, ANIME-ZING takes a deep dive into the amazing archive of Japanese animation, from the genre-soaked universe of science fiction and fantasy to the emotionally rich dramas about the world right outside our window.

Get tickets to Ninja Scroll here, or check out the official ANIME-ZING series page for more info and upcoming shows

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