REVIEW: ‘Transformers,’ Issue #9

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Transformers #9 is published by IDW Publishing, written by Brian Ruckley, with art by Angel Hernandez and Anna Malkova, colors by Joana Lafuente, and letters by Tom B. Long.

In Transformers #9, Chromia, Windblade, and Sideswipe infiltrate the memorial where Cyclonus discovered a group of extremists hiding beneath in the last issue. Chromia knows that theses extremists have something to do with the first two deaths on Cybertron. But can she, along with Windblade and Sideswipe, manage this on their own with limited weapons and bodies? Barricade isn’t answering comms and Prowl’s got something else going on. Both security officers are mysteriously unavailable to help; what are they up to?

With Transformers #9, we really get a look at how big this underground movement is. We’ve had hints here and there that the extremists are a massive group but this issue really reveals just how far their reaches go and how high up their friends are. Some of the more trivial information we’ve learned over the course of the last few issues make a much larger impact here.

This issue is filled with apprehension as our trio is undermanned and lacking weaponry. The trio is so close to cracking this case but are they risking their lives in the process? This was one of the first issues, besides issue #5, with Rubble, where I was concerned for the safety of the main characters.

Hernandez and Malkova are wonderful artists and have been working on this series since the beginning. So there should be no surprises in artistic style if you’ve been keeping up. Additionally, the dialogue is great as we get to see some sass from Sideswipe and a side of Prowl we rarely see.  With a large cast of characters, the dialogue stays true to their personalities.

This series has a lot of dialogue. Which is understandable, especially in the beginning of the series. This is IDW’s reboot of Transformers so you need to set up the scene and explain time and place to the audience. It’s been exciting to learn about the politics on Cybertron, the impact of the first death on Cybertron, and the general drama, but last issue’s action sequences left me wanting more. Thankfully, we get more within this issue. The few action panels we get are drawn quite well. The action is easy to understand and the transitions between panels are fluid. In areas of the issue that are heavy in dialogue, the lettering doesn’t over-crowd the panels and is easy to understand and follow.

We get to see the faces of a few new characters in this issue as well. And a few other characters are simply mentioned. This gives me hope that we’ll see even more characters in the future. Personally, I’m still waiting for one of my favorite characters to be added to the cast but despite his absence, the current trend of adding a couple of new characters each issue makes me have no doubt he’ll show up at some point. Overall, this was a fun issue. We get a lot more action and see just what the extremists have been up to beneath the memorial.

Transformers #9 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

Transformers #9


Overall, this was a fun issue. We get a lot more action and see just what the extremists have been up to beneath the memorial.