“Reign of the Underdog Featuring Lazarus” SDCC 2019 Exclusive

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Reign of the Underdog

Many new long-awaited projects will have their debuts at this year’s San Diego Comic Convention (SDCC), among them is the much anticipated release of a new comic by Lazarus Guidry and illustrator Avrell Jones.

Official press release and SDCC times and dates are given below:

Several years in the making and a Comic-Con International exclusive limited-run edition, from hop-hop artist, Lazarus Guidry comes the universe of Reign of the Underdog Featuring Lazarus. The the 24-page full color, an adult comic story told in a 6 part mini-series is set to debut at Comic-Con as part of a never seen before exciting, cutting edge, augment reality exhibit that will bring the comic book to life.

The exhibit presented by EDGE XR (a company headed by acclaimed film director Matty Rich) will be located in the FutureTechLive! Pavilion (Booth #4) in the Omni Hotel where the comic book will be available for purchase as well. The comic book will also be available for purchase in Artist Alley on the main floor of the Convention Center.

“I am so excited to finally bring this vision to life! It’s a great time for African American’s in the television, film and video games. The timing couldn’t be better to be able to announce a superhero comic book with an African American Superhero as the lead”, says Lazarus.

The action packed superhero comic book Reign of the Underdog Featuring Lazarus was created by Lazarus Guidry, who is also the lead character is the latest project penciled by legendary illustrator Arvell M. Jones.  Jones, best known for his work at Marvel Comics, where he co-created Marvels first black female superhero Misty Knight and for DC Comics and its imprint Milestone Media will sit on several panels throughout the weekend including an exclusive “Spotlight on Arvell Jones”, where he will talk about his career, past and latest comic projects and people he has cheered over the years.  Guests can meet & greet Lazarus Guidry & Arvell Jones in the Artist Alley located on the main floor of the Convention Center where the book can be autographed and purchased.

Reign of the Underdog

Written and created by rap artist/actor Lazarus Guidry who is also the lead character in the book, Reign of the Underdog is a real pager turner, takingreaders on a thrilling pursuit of battle in the search for truth and identity as David “Lazarus” Tate goes in search of his missing father, but ends up matching wits with a deadly assassin who gleefully collects headpieces for her collection; a secret society, whose shadowy exploits are slowly emerging; and eventually, Lazarus has to puzzle through a complicated maze of subterfuge, abuse, and the hope of redemption in a world where the lines inextricably blurred nothing –– or no one–– can be trusted.   

The Comic-Con exclusive boasts a powerhouse creative team consisting of Lazarus Guidry– writer and creator, Arvell M. Jones – legendary illustrator, Bob Wiacek– inker, Victoria Samra, David SwartzDesmond Jones and Derrick Simpson – colors and Tom Orzechowski– letters and copy editor with Cornelius Fortune – story editor. This will be the first comic book published by Resurgence Comics, LLC.

Tell me again, where can I get my exclusive copy, meet & greet Lazarus and Arvell and experience “Reign of the Underdog Featuring Lazarus” in Augment Reality?

  • The book will be available for purchase on the main floor of the Convention Center in the Artist Alley.
  •  Any of the panels featuring legendary illustrator Arvell Jones (as listed below)

Spotlight on Arvell Jones – Thursday July 18, 2019 10:30am – 11:30am – Room 4
Comic-Con 2019: Spotlight on Arvell Jones
That 70’s panel Friday July 19, 2019 10:00am – 11:30am – Room 8
Drawing the figure in popular media – Saturday July 20, 2019 6:00pm – 7:00pm – Room 11

Guests can experience the comic book come to life as part of an exciting, cutting edge augment reality exhibit featured in the FutureTechLive! Pavilion (Booth #4)in the Omni Hotel, presented by EDGE XR. Located across from Hall H.