REVIEW: ‘Captain Marvel’ Issue #8

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Captain Marvel #8

Captain Marvel #8 is published by Marvel Comics, written by Kelly Thompson, with art by Carmen Carnero, colors by Tamra Bonvillain, and letters by Clayton Cowles. Besieged on all fronts Carol Danvers sees her world crumble around her as facts of her life become known to the public and Carol’s place in the world is called into question.

When they relaunched Captain Marvel, Thompson and company wasted no time establishing that Captain Marvel’s time would be spent not only squaring off against the strongest villains Marvel’s expansive universe has to offer but also addressing social issues that many of us are facing in the real world every day. With the first story arc Captain Marvel faced the Nuclear Man and his misogynistic attitudes and in Captain Marvel #8, Carol has come face to face with the wave of xenophobia that has been sweeping America.

When information comes to light, first revealed in the amazing The Life of Captain Marvel limited series, that she is half-Kree everything she’s done gets called into question. A public smear campaign follows. Coincidentally these events strike Captain Marvel just as health issues begin to make themselves known.

Thompson opens up this new story arc for Captain Marvel with a further humanization of Carol’s character. While devoting time in the story to letting Captain Marvel punch some things, Thompson understands what truly makes her great is her humanity. By being allowed to struggle with many of the same problems real people struggle with, Captain Marvel becomes more meaningful than simply being a costumed icon serving ideals, and dreams, many may struggle to find believable in our current social and political landscape.

Thompson’s writing also shines here as she continues to excel at writing the support Captain Marvel receives from her friends. Truly touching, lifelike moments can be found in these pages that feel so natural they further imbue the comic with a sense of reality and life. And reminding us that in the darkest hours, not even Captain Marvel can go it alone.

After taking a short hiatus for Captain Marvel’s crossover for War of the Realms this issue sees the return of Carmen Carnero to her art duties on this book. Her work is, as always, a treat to behold. She seems to understand Captain Marvel’s personality and does a wonderful job of highlighting it in her panels.

As both Captain Marvel’s strength and vulnerability are on display in this issue, Carnero gets to show her full range of talents in enhancing the fantastic story that is begun her. She succeeds in this endeavor flawlessly. Rarely has a comic book character be shown to feel more real.

Captain Marvel #8 is a start to a new story arc and it already has me hooked. As the creative team once again exerts their formidable talents in telling a story that is both fantastic, and grounded in reality. I look forward to seeing where this newest tale will lead, knowing that, wherever it goes, it’s going to be higher, further, faster than ever before.

Captain Marvel #8


the creative team once again exerts their formidable talents in telling a story that is both fantastic, and grounded in reality.