RTX 2019: Crypt TV’s Panel Showcases New Creatures and Scares

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Crypt TV

Crypt TV is an entertainment company that produces and develops horror content focused around a multitude of monsters that exist in a linked universe. The company was founded by Jack Davis and Eli Roth in 2015, and was backed by Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions.

Before this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX), I had only been shallowly introduced to Crypt TV. I had seen some of the earlier works on their Youtube channel but wasn’t particularly interested in keeping up with the content. However, with a following of over 2.5 million subscribers, I figured it would be a good idea to see what all the hubbub was about, so I headed to their RTX 2019 panel. Suffice to say, I’m hooked now and would definitely recommend the channel to anyone who loves horror and monsters.

TheCrypt TV panel began with 30-minutes of content from their Youtube channel. The panel shows-cased multiple shorts featuring their creature called the “Mordeo.” Along with this, they showed two others, one of which featured the monster from The Door in the Woods and the other featuring The Look-See. The second portion of the panel was a Q&A with James A. Janisse, creator of the Dead Meat Youtube channel, Ben Sottak, writer and director of the Mordeo, Joey Greene, the writer and director of The Door in the Woods, and Jasmine Johnson, the VP content developer.

My initial reaction to the shorts was one of pleasant surprise. Each series of videos were distinctly different from each other, and understandably so. Each video was written and directed by a different person, had different visual styles, and relied on different special effects. This diversity of content was quite appealing and kept me enthralled.

The special effects were quite good. However, there were definitely some cheesy ones mixed in. That said, the cheese didn’t detract from the videos. The acting was really good but was similar to the special effects in that there were some cheesy lines here and there. The monster designs were also wonderful and quite detailed. Eeach short created a very creepy environment without relying on easy crutches such as jump scares, despite cheesiness.

Personally, The Look-See short was my favorite. The use of unique camera angles and background details led to a really creepy experience. The video also managed to tell a detailed story without relying on a lot of dialogue.

Crypt TV

During the Q&A session, Johnson described her job as determining the best content for the channel and being sure the content panders to the channel’s massive following. She also searches for directors and writers to direct new videos. Often times, they do get submissions from their audience on suggestions for new videos and monsters. However, sometimes these submissions are short films. If the film fits the channel, they’ll air it on Crypt TV. They’ve discovered quite a few directors this way.

All of the monsters on the channel are considered to be in one interconnected universe. In some of the shorts, small hints are interspersed that prove this interconnectedness. However, the channel has become more direct and have begun a series of videos called “Fight Night” that pit one monster against another, further cementing this single but massive continuity.

With all of these monsters, some people have described Crypt Tv and the “Marvel for monsters.” Crypt TV wants to bring a new generation of monsters to the forefront of horror and popular media.

Something an audience member noticed, and subsequently asked about, was the fact that more often than not, children do die in the short films. In many modern, studio horror films, this is not the case. The directors explained that they were trying to break the format of big horror. There are no rules in life, and so, all bets are off in the shorts. The fact that kids normally survive in horror movies means that the genre is often predictable. But the fact that the shorts are unpredictable makes them even scarier.

The Crypt TV panel at RTX was extremely insightful into the process of creating videos for the channel and further explained the greater goal that Crypt TV has: to make a new generation of monsters.

If you’re a horror fan, and especially if you enjoy creepy and unique monsters, you need to check out the Crypt TV channel. There’s something for any horror-lover on there.