RTX 2019: Achievement Haunter Panel Brings Together Comedy and Ghosts

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Achievement Haunter

Achievement Haunter, or simply just Haunter as it’s been shortened to, is a show available to First members on the Rooster Teeth site. Haunter features the Achievement Hunter crew as they visit haunted locations in search for the paranormal. Achievement Hunter is a comedy gaming group so it’s no surprise that, in order to catch ghosts on camera, they antagonize and provoke spirits while goofing around and scaring each other. It makes for a very entertaining show.

The show has gotten positive responses from audiences so it’s not a wonder why it’s gotten a second season and deserves its own panel at this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX). The Haunter panel at RTX 2019 divulged information about the upcoming season and funny tidbits about the previous season. The panelists consisted of Geoff Ramsey, Jack Pattillo, Ryan Haywood, Jeremy Dooley, Daniel Fabelo, and Gavin Free.

In this new, upcoming season, they’ve added a new crew member for two episodes: Trevor Collins. During the panel, they showed a scene featuring Trevor. Normally, Gavin Free is used as bait to lure out the ghosts but in this case, Trevor takes Gavin’s usual role. The clip showed him tied down to a bed in a dark, creepy room and is left alone for an hour. Unsurprisingly, he starts freaking out and begins trying to reason with the ghosts.

Achievement Haunter

Daniel, the director of Haunter, explains that he loves making this show but that he does have a difficult time working with Achievement Hunter due to all their antics. One such antic is the high frequency in which Geoff has fallen asleep on set, as supported by a video shown. Most of these scenes are cut from the actual series which is why many of us are probably unaware of what it’s actually like to work with Achievement Hunter.

Achievement Hunter not only annoys Daniel but also each other. The Achievement Haunter crew have an off-camera ritual meant to annoy Geoff. Whenever Geoff has to remember a large number of lines, all the members hip-thrust until the camera turns on, then immediately stop as Geoff begins to talk. As Geoff puts it, it’s extremely distracting and makes remembering lines more stressful.

Achievement Hunter’s day job usually consists of goofing around and making fun of each other while playing games such as Grand Theft Auto V, Minecraft, and Gary’s Mod. So none of this should be really surprising if you’ve watched any of Achievement Hunter’s content. Additionally, there was a multitude of sneak peeks throughout the panel. They revealed a few of the different locations the Haunter crew visited. They even end up in Australia during one episode.

Overall, we can expect longer episodes. Some will even have multiple parts to them. But from all the sneak peeks, we can tell that the new episodes will have the same formatting as previous ones with storytimes at the beginning of the episodes and then moving into the actual ghost hunting.


Achievement Haunter

However, what is different are the extremes they go to in order to ratchet up the fear. In season one, they would often recreate the deaths of the spirits. By recreating the deaths and ratcheting up the fear, they tried to provoke the ghosts to reveal themselves. Often, Gavin would be bestowed the honor of being the guinea pig and simulating the deaths of these ghosts or by getting scared witless. In season two, the fear is even greater; the simulated deaths are even more intense and realistic. For example, in one of the upcoming videos, Haunter visits a supposedly haunted mine shaft in which a group of miners was buried alive. To simulate their deaths and increase the fear, Gavin gets put into a coffin and buried alive.

There was a question from the audience on whether or not the other members of Achievement Hunter, Alfredo Diaz and Fiona Nova, were going to be on Haunter. They are not in season 2 but the panelists did state that there are plans for them to be in season 3 if the show continues to be funded. In fact, with how the show is laid out, Daniel supposes that it would also be very easy to bring guests onto the show.

Personally, I’m very excited for season 2 of Haunter. Just from the sneak peeks from the panel, this new season looks funnier and scarier than the last.