INTERVIEW: Voices for the Voiceless with ‘Paws Your Game’ at RTX 2019

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As streaming has risen as a community building and profit-generating platform, it has also become one of the best ways to raise money for charities that mean something to you. While there are many in the space that use gaming specifically to help with causes like cancer, veterans, and more, there is only one that bridges a love of gaming with a love of pets: Paws Your Game.

While at this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX), Kate and Matt got the chance to sit down and talk with Josh Hofmann, the founder of Paws Your Game. In the interview above, the three discuss the importance of no-kill shelters, the differences between kill-shelters and no-kill shelters, and ultimately how gamers and general animal lovers can help Paws Your Game help give animals a voice.

If you haven’t heard of them before, Paws Your Game is a non-profit that exists with the goal of eliminating kill shelters and giving every homeless pet a loving home. Having started last year, they do this by hosting community gaming events where participating gamers can fundraise for one of their partnered rescue organizations. The last part of this sentence is key, as Paws Your Game thoroughly vets every rescue organization that they partner with to ensure that the funds are going to a shelter that is doing right by the animals that they take in. Beyond that, they’re looking to create a platform that will launch later this year to empower animal lovers and pet parents everywhere to begin their own fundraising directly through their website.

While the platform is being built, Paws Your Game encourages gamers to help raise awareness and funds for the cause through Facebook Fundraising Pages, Instagram Story Donation buttons, HumbleBundle, Amazon Smile, and the charity streaming platform, Tiltify. All funds go towards building an online fundraising platform, no-kill and TNR awareness campaigns, political involvement, helping local no-kill shelters with volunteer efforts including hosting local adoption events, and for their month-long marathon in October to help raise funds and awareness during Adopt-A-Pet Month.

If you would like to get involved, please email

To stay up to date on all of their fundraising efforts and events you can like their Facebook page or follow them on Twitter.