‘Braxton: Regenesis’ Comic Kickstarter Announced

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Written by Stephanie Williams and Valerie Complex, graphic novel Braxton: Rengenesis is the second chapter in a 7 book volume by media company Mayke. Life rarely offers us second chances to find out who we are and what our purpose is, but when it does whole new worlds are opened. With a bounty on her head, Braxton Sinclaire Turner goes on the run to save not only her life but also that of her son Malachi. With Echis, a highly trained league of female assassins chasing her, Braxton must make the choice to with give in or turn to John Henry, a man most know only through the tall tales of legend.

Braxton: Regenesis is an original story about second chances, motherhood, love, belief, and a Black queer mother fighting to protect her son’s future. There aren’t many stories like this that show the complexities of Black womanhood, and all we’re capable of once given the chance, and they are sorely needed. To get Braxton’s story published the creators Williams, Complex and the founder of Mayke, Ed Williams, need your help with funding for production costs. To do so they have started a KickStarter campaign to help with this endeavor. You can click here for more details and to donate.

About the Writers

Stephanie Williams and Valerie Complex, Co-Character Directors + Writers (Braxton)

Stephanie Wiliams is a meme queen and a thread of comedy. You can hear her pop culture commentary on the podcast The Lemonade Podcast and get a taste of her comic book expertise on the first two seasons of Misty Knight’s uninformed afro. You can find some of her other written works on Den of Geek, SyFy Wire and NerdsofPrey. She’s currently spearheading and defining the world and stories of Braxton.

Valerie Complex is a film critic, United States Air Force Veteran, and queen of getting straight to the point. When she’s not interviewing Jordan Peele or Brie Larson, she’s influencing major changes and decisions at Mayke and defining the world Braxton lives in.



About Mayke Entertainment, LLC (Mayke): Formerly Arclight Comics, Mayke brings creators from all walks of life to put characters and stories into the world that give a voice to the voiceless in entertainment and media industries. We are a media company developing a superhero universe IP featuring POC, WOC, LGBTQIA+, and persons with disabilities through stories and characters intended to heal, transform, and inspire our communities.