REVIEW: ‘The Long Con,’ Issue #10

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The Long Con #10 is published by Oni Press, written by Dylan Meconis and Ben Coleman, with art by EA Denich, colors by Fred C. Stresing, and letters by Aditya Bidikar.

It has all come down to this, as the special guest is at last confronted, and a secret is revealed. This secret will bring all the various factions of The Long Con crashing together as a final battle will determine what, if anything, will remain of the various factions which have been struggling for survival and dominance. The Long Con #10 is an ending that serves as a wonderful wrap up of everything this comic has strived to deliver. It follows through with both a wonderful conclusion for these characters, while also giving one last eloquently delivered statement about acceptance, inclusivity, and the examples so often portrayed by the fictional heroes we read about, but whom the true messages of are often ignored.

As has been true in all my previous reviews, Meconis and Coleman’s writing is functionally perfect. Displaying an ability to blend wit, character, and wonderful themes into a scant 22-pages. Achieving this even without any element feeling rushed or underserved is a rare treat. Having come all this way with Victor, Dez and the rest of the crew of The Long Con, I can say that they will rank among my favorite ensemble casts I’ve ever had the pleasure to read.

Denich’s art and Stresing’s colors together create an equally sublime style. The Long Con has always had a look that both perfectly accentuated its story and has always stood out to me and The Long Con #10 is no different. The goofiness they have imbued these characters with never failed to put a smile on my face. Whether facing the Supreme Quantum Redux Court or on the run from terror squads seeking to enforce “canonical purity,” they always put a smile on my face while surviving the many challenges put to them over the last 10 issues.

But what will really make The Long Con #10 hold a special place to me was the way it so subtly handled its deeper themes. As a book, it told a fun tale of surviving a con in a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The true genius of the book though is how it simultaneously serves as an introspective on the flaws, shortcomings, and hurdles so much of geek culture struggles with today. To make something that is at once both fun and meaningful is rare.

The finale reveals in The Long Con #10 are a surprising end to a wonderful book. They are equal parts absurd comic book story and deep meaningful solution, making it the perfect end to this tale I never saw coming. Given how often stories fail to stick the landing when it comes to its ending, I am pleased with how well this book ends. It would’ve been a huge disappointment if it had stumbled now.

I will take this last opportunity to say if you have slept on The Long Con, do yourself a favor and grab this book now. Whether you just want fun, or something deeper, The Long Con #10 is a superb piece of comic book artistry not to be missed.

The Long Con #10 is available now wherever comic books are sold

The Long Con #10


Whether you just want fun, or something deeper, The Long Con #10 is a superb piece of comic book artistry not to be missed.