REVIEW: ‘Transformers,’ Issue #8

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Transformers #8 is published by IDW Publishing, written by Brian Ruckley, art by Anna Malkova, Angel Hernandez, and Beth McGuire-Smith, colors by Joana Lafuente and Josh Burcham, and letters by Tom B. Long.

In Transformers #8, Megatron visits a Cybertronian named Termagax, the founder of the Ascenticon movement. Although founder, Termagax wants nothing to do with the current status of the movement. On top of this, we get to see the outcome of the attack on Cyclonus from last issue, see what’s in store for Bumblebee as a new Ascenticon, and Chromia and Prowl seem to have finally caught a break in their investigation.

With the conversation between Megatron and Termagax, more of the politics that surround Cybertron are revealed. Specifically, we learn a bit more about the Ascenticons and the root of the movement. We get a taste of why Megatron is currently politically inclined and where his worldly views may have been adopted. However, this is Megatron and we can certainly expect that he has made the Ascenticons his own. This is especially true when considering the foreboding panels marking the end of Megatron and Termagax’s conversation. We know something big is going to happen; that’s been true since the beginning of the series. But we’re getting closer to finding out just what and it seems to be culminating in the relationship between the Ascenticons and the Senate.

In past issues, Chromia and Prowl have been grasping at straws when it comes to their murder investigation. However, there’s a lot that happens in this issue and they finally seem to have found a lead in their investigation. In fact, between the new lead and more information on the Ascenticons, this issue feels like we’re finally getting somewhere.

Malkova, Hernandez, and McGuire-Smith are wonderful artists. However, their styles are definitely very different so it’s a bit jolting when the panels change artist. Beyond the shift in art styles though, I can’t complain about the art itself. The first portion of the comic depicts a fight scene and these are done quite well. The fight panels are very fluid and easy to follow, even managing to be a bit comedic. It’s definitely a good break from the typically serious, dialogue-heavy panels.

Similar to the previous issues, we get to see a pretty large cast of characters. In fact, they introduce a character I’m quite excited to see and I’m sure a few other readers will be too. I’m hoping this trend continues and we get to see even more iconic characters. With the large cast and the range of personalities present, I feel the dialogue is quite accurate in depicting the variety of Cybertronians present. We also get some humor and snark in the dialogue this issue. I love when Transformers are written snarky so, if you do too, you’ll like this issue that much more.

It’s interesting to note the gender ratio in this series. Older series are notorious for featuring mainly male transformers. It certainly has gotten better in more recent works, especially with IDW Publishing. So far, this series has had a very equal gender ratio. On top of this, the female transformers aren’t overtly feminine in design. Overall, it’s a good realization to have.

Largely, this issue feels like a good step in plot progression. A few of the past issues were definitely slow but this issue has me excited to see what comes next.

Transformers #8 is available now wherever comic books are sold

Transformers #8


Largely, this issue feels like a good step in plot progression. A few of the past issues were definitely slow but this issue has me excited to see what comes next.