ADVANCED REVIEW: ‘No One Left to Fight,’ Issue #1

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No One Left to Fight #1

Have you ever wondered what life was like for heroes like Goku after the final fight was done? Well, Dark Horse Comics‘ newest series, No One Left to Fight #1, takes on this premise to provide one possible answer. The comic is written by Aubrey Sitterson, illustrated by Fico Ossio, and lettered by Taylor Esposito.

No One Left to Fight #1 centers around Vâle, a former superhero who saved the world from the ultimate evil, Gor Despo. Years have passed since the battle and those who took part have all settled down. During this time, Vâle goes to visit his old friends Fargie, Krysta, and Timōr whom he has lost touch with. However, Timōr doesn’t completely trust Vâle and doesn’t do anything to hide this. Vâle is visiting his friends in hopes that they will accompany him on a trip which he doesn’t want to go on alone.

One of the tags that’s used as promotion for the comic book was that the creators took inspiration from the original Dragon Ball series. Even though the series continues with Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super, the fact that this comic series uses such an iconic component of popular culture is enough to capture my attention.

Fans of the series know what happens to Goku and his friends, but I haven’t seen too many stories about what happens after the hero saves the world. It’s an interesting premise that’s sure to bring up themes of regret, resentment, and what a new meaning of life could be like.

Right from the start, Ossio’s artwork quickly sets the mood for the overall story. Aside from it being aesthetically pleasing, it also perfectly captures how calm the world seems to be. All of the light and blending of the colors lets readers know that everything is at peace even before any of the characters are officially introduced.

On top of that, all of the characters are uniquely designed to fit their own personalities. Their powers haven’t been revealed yet, but Vâle’s more laid-back design and Timōr’s much more reserved design tell a story. Ossio has managed to create unique designs for characters and the world they live in which is already shaping to be a major high point for the series.

The friendship dynamics between the characters introduced in this issue are incredibly well-done. It’s one thing to just list the characters and hop straight into the plot of the series. This issue sets the entire series apart from others, offering an inside look into their relationships without revealing too much. It’s evident that they all have a history with each other and that everyone but Timōr trusts Vâle. From the looks of things, it seems as if this distrust comes from jealousy that Timōr wasn’t the one who saved the world. All that resentment could have easily built up over the years. It’s clear that the creators really did take inspiration from the Dragon Ball series, especially with the friendship between Goku and Vegeta.

After just one issue, this has quickly become one of my favorite current comic series. Aside from the inspiration, the premise is what really drew me in. There are countless stories about the glory days of heroes but rarely do we get glimpses of what happens after everything is done. I’m not quite sure what to expect out of the rest of the series, but this struggle about what to do after fulfilling a major purpose in life is an intriguing theme.

No One Left to Fight #1 is available now wherever comic books are sold,

No One Left to Fight #1


After just one issue, this has quickly become one of my favorite current comic series.