From jumping into an RV with a stranger, to a month long journey tradition ft. Sylessae

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Unconventional Geek is here with Sylessae,

who is a digital artist, Twitch streamer, and traveler.

Sylessae who has traveled years to make it as an amazing digital artist joins Unconventional Geek to talk about her journey. First Karrbs gets a phone call that interrupts the whole conversation. They take a quick break where Sylessae talks about her 24 hour stream on June 14th 10pm est.  
Sylessae goes into detail about her starting art and how she started streaming it. We get side tracked by her wholesome community. Shortly after we break the internet by discussing pineapple on pizza. Does she like it or does she hate it? Find out on this episode of Unconventional Geek.
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