‘The Art of Self-Defense’ Coming to Theaters July 12th

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In Bleecker Street’s newest film The Art of Self-Defense, Jesse Eisenberg stars as Casey, a timid bookkeeper who decides to take a self-defence class after getting attacked on the street by a motorcycle gang. Casey joins the local karate studio run by Sensei (Alessandro Nivola), and under his tutelage and the watchful eye of fellow student Anna (Imogen Poots), Casey becomes more confident, but over time he realizes that there’s a darker side to Sensei.

Written and directed by Riley Stearns The Art of Self-Defense is an original film that used dark comedy to take a look at toxic masculinity, and  fraternities.

The Art of Self-Defense releases into select theatres July 12, and nationwide July 19, 2019, is produced by Cody Ryder, Andrew Kortschak, Stephanie Whonsetler and Walter Kortschak.

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