DreamHack Dallas 2019: Team Liquid Wins the DreamHack Masters Title

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DreamHack Masters

The main event of DreamHack Dallas 2019 was the CS:GO DreamHack Masters tournament.  This event consisted of 16 of the best Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams competing in a large-scale arena tournament, with a $250,000 prize pool. During the week leading up to DreamHack the teams compete in a Group Stage and the top 3 teams from each Group move on to the Playoff Stage that is played during the convention. Along with the prize money this tournament comes with a Masters Champion Title and a win for the Intel Grand Slam Series.

The Group winners for this DreamHack Masters were Team Liquid( Group A) and ENCE (Group B), they both automatically went to the Semifinals. The other Group A teams to make the playoffs were FaZe Clan and Vitality. The other Group B teams to make the playoffs were Furia and G2 Esports.

Quarterfinals: Friday May 31,2019

DreamHack Masters

CS:GO DreamHack Masters started the weekend with the Quarterfinal Match-ups. These match-ups were Best of 3

Furia: 2 vs Vitality: 0

This was the first match for the weekend. It was also the one of the most forgettable match-ups as Furia cruised to an easy victory winning 2-0. They won both Map 1 and Map 2 with a score of 16 rounds to 8.

FaZe: 2 vs G2 Esports: 0

FaZe won Map 1(Inferno) relatively easy 16 rounds to 8. Map 2(Dust) was most like the best battle of the weekend. Faze Clan prevailed in triple overtime over G2 Esports with final of 25 to 23.

Semifinals: Saturday June 1, 2019

DreamHack Masters

Team Liquid was the headliner for the Semifinals as the favorite made their DreamHack Dallas debut.

Team Liquid: 2 vs Furia: 0

This ended up being a very lopsided match-up. Team Liquid dominated both Maps winning Nuke 16- 13 and 16- 4 on Overpass. Team Liquid held a 15-1 lead at one point during Overpass and Furia had the lead only one during entire match of 4-3 on Nuke.

ENCE: 2 vs FaZe Clan: 0

FaZe Clan started this match-up great as they lead on Map 1(Dust 2 ) 14-5 at one point. Things then went terrible wrong for FaZe as they proceeded to lose 14 out of the next 16 rounds to lose in overtime 16-19. FaZe Clan also lead the entity of Map 2(Train) until  round 24 before losing the final three rounds to lost 13-16. FaZe once again in held a decent lead of 10-4 at one point, but a later surge from ENCE was too much in the end.

Grand Finals: Sunday June 2, 2019

Team Liquid: 2 vs ENCE: 1

This was the first match-up of the weekend that went the distance. Team Liquid dominated Map 1(Mirage) winning 16-8. ENCE was able to equalize by winning in overtime on Map 2(Overpass) 19-17. Map 3(Inferno) was an interesting match-up as Team Liquid pulled out a huge lead of 10-1 and looked to take the Master’s title easy, but ENCE went on a massive run closing the gap all the way down to two. There was a pivotal moment late in the match-up with Team Liquid still reeling and just trying to close out the match there was a 1v1 situation between Allu and Stewie2k. Allu was able to plant the bomb and had position, Stewie2k decided to pop a smoke and go for a defuse. Allu ran for the knife kill and the win and missed. This is was a crucial loss as it would have put ENCE within 2 of Team Liquid. In the end Team Liquid prevailed and are the DreamHack Dallas Masters champions.

This victory gave Team Liquid their second win in the Intel Grand Slam Series and also moved them to the #1 team in the world.

MVP: Jonathan ‘EliGE’ Jablonowski


EliGE of Team Liquid took home the MVP for the finals. He Finished with a 73 Kills – 52 Deaths, ADR of 84.9 and a Rating 2.0 of 1.22.