DREAM CON 2019: Fakku!

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Fakku - But Why Tho

Last year I attended the first ever Dream Con. You can find my full review here, but I thoroughly enjoyed the convention with its small size, diverse population, and unique events like dodgeball tournaments and Nerf gun wars. Only nine months later, Dream Con was back in Waco, Texas bigger and better with more content creators, voice actors, and a cosplay contest. The addition I was most impressed with was all the variety of panels. None was more impressive than the Fakku panel “Hentai Worth Watching.”

Towards the end of the second day at the convention, I had a full day of panels, events, and cosplay. I was tired and ready to head home for the day but I noticed a line started to form outside one of the panels. Curiosity got the better of me and I lined up too. The line started to move and I notice they were checking ID’s which was a first for me at a convention.  As I found my seat, I was still unsure of the panel I was in.

If you have ever been to a convention then you know the struggle of the lack of phone service. I finally got a piece of the app to work and it read “Fakku” and in the summary, it said something along the lines of hentai. I’m a woman sitting in a room full of men with some women sprinkled in the crowd, and I started thinking, “What did I just get myself into?”

As the overhead powered up, the lights turned off and a man dressed very casually addressed the crowd. Much to my surprise, the president and creator of Fakku, Jacob Grady, was the one to run this panel. For those who are unfamiliar, Fakku is a site Jacob created about ten years ago but went official roughly five years ago. Jacob had gone a quest looking for specific hentai and ran into poorly made sites for hentai.

He then realized “someone should make hentai that isn’t shitty,” so he did. He learned how to do web development and created Fakku around ten years ago. Fakku is now the largest hentai publisher in the world. There’s mangas, anime, games, forums all in English and uncensored because if you didn’t know most Japanese Hentai is censored unfortunately but not with Fakku. Jacob now goes to different conventions showing hentai to normalize it, and show that it’s not just tentacle porn.

During the panel, I was nervous because I didn’t know what to expect. I’m about to watch porn with all these dudes, so I got really uncomfortable. But, once Jacob introduced himself and started his slide show it was so much fun. Jacob showed us different hentai and told us the synopsis of it before showing us. He would, of course, make different voices, sound effects, and jokes that made it so much better. Everyone was laughing and making jokes or adding to Jacob’s jokes.

There was even a point where Jacob kept replacing the derogatory words against women with “queen.” I was nervous at first but at the end of it, my abs were hurting from laughing so hard. If you happen to go to a convention and see a panel for Fakku, do yourself a favor and attend. I had never really watched hentai prior to the panel but after checking out their site it’s really neat.

It’s a nice break from the typical old manga. One of my girlfriends who doesn’t watch anime nor reads manga gave Fakku a try after telling her about the panel. She said she really enjoyed the artwork that Fakku offered. I asked her if she would look up hentai on her spare time and she said: “honestly, yeah lol”. Thank you, Jacob, for spicing up our lives with hentai.