REVIEW: ‘Dial H For Hero,” Issue #3

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With summer vacation just around the corner, now is the best time for comic readers to dive deep into their favorite series. One comic that many people will surely be reading is Dial H For Hero #3, published by DC Comics’ imprint Wonder Comics, which is written by Sam Humphries, illustrated by Joe Quinones and Arist Deyn, colored by Jordan Gibson and Arist Deyn, and lettered by Dave Sharpe.

In the previous issue, readers saw Miguel questioning whether he wanted to continue being the holder of the Dial and ultimately threw it off a bridge. However, things that spiraling out of control when someone else finds the dial and uses it. Miguel and Sam manage to stop the new user only for the dial to be once again stolen, this time by a police officer.

This issue picks up with Miguel and Sam arriving at Central City hoping they can ask The Flash for help. Realizing that The Flash might not be in Central City, they decide to wait for him to arrive. Meanwhile, the police officer, whose name is Corrine, has the Dial and plans to use it. She talks with the mysterious figure who has been helping Miguel with the Dial. He tells her to use the Dial and help will come. Miguel senses the call because of the connection he has with it. He and Sam race to answer the call, but things take a turn for the worst.

From Dial H For Hero #3 – Sam Humphries (Writer), Joe Quinones (Artist), Arist Deyn (Artist and Colorist), Jordan Gibson (Colorist), and Dave Sharpe (Letterer).

Out of the three issues that have been released, this is the best one yet. For one, it shows that this series isn’t completely about Miguel. Sam has been a character that hasn’t had much development previously. This issue takes a look at her backstory and what drove her to run away from Devil’s Canyon four times.

Given that this is a mini-series, it would be understandable for it to mainly focus on Miguel and his journey of being the new holder of the Dial. However, it’s fantastic to see that the creative team is taking the time to tell readers about Sam.

She’s just as an important character as Miguel and her story adds more to her being more than just a sidekick. Plus, this issue gives Sam inner monologues, which will surely give readers an even bigger reason to sympathize with her.

The friendship between Sam and Miguel begins to grow even more in this issue. They’re grown more comfortable with each other to the point where they’re able to talk about their personal lives. This dynamic doesn’t feel forced or rushed, which is great since this is a mini-series. Readers will get a sense of how far they’re willing to go to protect each other in this issue. It will be interesting to see where their friendship goes from here.

From Dial H For Hero #3 – Sam Humphries (Writer), Joe Quinones (Artist), Arist Deyn (Artist and Colorist), Jordan Gibson (Colorist), and Dave Sharpe (Letterer).

One other character which will surprise many readers is Corrine, the police officer. It was revealed in the previous issue that she had been a holder of the Dial, but she wasn’t chosen to hold its true power. She had gotten used to being a hero and helping make the world a better place.

The page shown above show to what lengths she was willing to go to use its power one more time. However, her making that phone call to the figure who has been helping Miguel lets readers know that she doesn’t automatically decide to claim it for herself. It’s a great contrast from the man from the previous issue who used the Dial without a second thought.

As with the previous two issues, the character designs for the powered beings that come from the Dial are incredible. Both Quinones and Deyn have created new heroes that are both unique and mesmerizing to look at. Their looks perfectly fit those who have transformed into them. There are only a few issues left in this mini-series, but there will hopefully be more new heroes that can make this series even more special for readers.

From start to finish, this issue has been a very enjoyable read. The ending sets up a major twist that will surely make fans of the original series very excited. This issue focused on Sam and will make it possible for readers to see her not as a sidekick but as a major character of the entire series.

Dial H For Hero #3 has also made great use of side characters and the hero designs have been just as incredible as before. With only a few issues left, it’s acceptable to assume that the series will dive into the plot completely. All hands on deck for the rest of the series.

Dial H For Hero #3 is available for purchase now wherever comic books are sold.

Dial H For Hero #3


From start to finish, this issue has been a very enjoyable read.