RECAP: Overwatch League All-Stars 2019

Reading Time: 3 minutes

The Overwatch League All-Stars event was a celebration of all the best aspects of Overwatch. Fun, laughter and a healthy dose of friendly competition. It was the Atlantic vs the Pacific through several events that stretched over the two-day event. Players partnered up with those usually called opponent, and rarely were players seen running their mains in favor for those picks they never get to show off. And the thing that probably made people happiest the most: Not a single GOATS composition was used!

For me, the highlight of the Overwatch All-Stars is always the Talent Takedown. When they spilt the analysts, color commentators, and shout casters into two teams and let them duke it out. This year desk analyst Goldenboy sat out the match to commentate. But he wasn’t alone taking turns helping him cover the action were pro players Dogman and Super. The frequent bewilderment of the pro players with what they were witnessing on screen never got old.

I love these matches because it is literally like watching a diamond ranked match, but with commentary. Often dysfunctional team compositions and entire matches seeming to hinge on that one great ultimate made for lots of laughs, and some surpassingly great plays. Overwatch League front desk host Pucket took the opportunity to break out his trademark Doomfist to great effect, but the star of the show had to be Bren, and his shocking Widowmaker play on Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

Bren popped off like a pro. Flick killing opponent after opponent in impressive fashion. This performance was so good it went straight to his head and after the match, he put out an open challenge to any pro player who wanted to 1v1 him at a match of headshots only Widowmaker. The next day, during half time of the All-Star game itself he would get his wish as he faced off against main tank of the London Spitfire Gesture. Needless to say, after his 7-2 shellacking, he came back down to earth.

Up next was the Widowmaker 1v1 tournament. Here the finest snipers the All-Stars stage had to offer went head to head in a single elimination tournament. As the players competed small groups of their All-Stars teammates gathered to cheer, give encouragement, and occasionally wince where appropriate. After two rounds of vigorous play, only Shanghai Dragons’s Diem and New York Excelsior’s Nenne remained.  After a hard fought match Diem emerged the victor in this extremely entertaining display of sheer mechanical skill.

Day one was capped off with a series of very for fun matches. First up was the “Healers Never Die” match. Where the compositions were formed of exclusively healers. The highlight of the match was the excellent Lúcio play of Pacific team member Slime of the Vancouver Titans.

Following that was the “Terrible, Terrible Damage” match where only DPS characters could be played. In the spirit of the event, the Pacific team opted to have only traditionally Tank players play in this match. Seeking to prove that tank players can aim. They kind of succeeded. The final match of the night was an all Mcree match on Route 66 where it felt like it was always high noon. Flashbangs rained like confetti, and there was even an embarrassing combat roll right off the map.

Day two was reserved exclusively for the main event. Seeing the best and brightest that the Overwatch league has to offer together on one stage, with nothing on the line, is always an occasion of sheer fun, and mechanical skill. The single greatest high ranked solo cue quick-play you will ever witness. A wonderful array of compositions and plays were seen as the Atlantic division marched to a 4-1 victory over the Pacific. My personal highlight was during a game on King’s Row when, over the course of just a couple minutes, the Atlantic Division’s Neko sleep darted the Pacific’s Sinatraa, while playing Doomfist, three times over just a couple of minutes. I don’t think anyone watching could contain their laughter.

All in all, this All-Stars event was a wonderful way to unwind and let everyone lean back and remember just why we love Overwatch. And with that, I will say goodbye for now. As there are no games next weekend I won’t be back till I preview stage three week one two weeks from now.

‘Til then, keep playing the point!