LaNeysha Talks…with ‘Craig of the Creek’ Head Writer, Jeff Trammell

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In this episode of So Here’s What Happened’s “Talks’ segment LaNeysha speaks with Jeff Trammell, head writer and story editor of Cartoon Network’s Craig of the Creek.

Craig of the Creek follows Craig Williams and the many adventures he and his two friends Kelsey and John Paul “J.P.” have their many adventures in the creek. What to them seems like a kid utopia of unexplored wilderness where groups of children go beyond their imaginations rule over dirt bike ramps, paintball wars, and build giant cardboard forts that turn into robots.

Matt Burnett and Ben Levin who created the series, and were both writers that worked together on Steven Universe.  In my opinion, the show’s creators and writers have done an excellent job of developing a world full of characters that the audience can feel seen and relate too regardless of age. I enjoyed having the opportunity to speak about this further with Jeff Trammell, the show’s Head Writer and Story Editor, to learn more about the show’s writing process and what goes into creating original and relatable characters.

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You can watch Craig of the Creek on Cartoon Network or on the Cartoon Network app.