This week in the Overwatch League: Stage Two Week Five

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Stage two of the 2019 Overwatch League is in the books! It was an exciting week, filled with some big upsets, close calls, and overtime decisions. With the last two stage playoff spots on the line all those still in the race brough their A games in the hope of capturing those last seeds. While other teams were playing simply with the hope that ending the stage on a high note would grant them the momentum they need to make the transition into stage three with a positive push. Whatever the motivation, it translated into a week of great games. So let’s take a look at the standings we are left with after this amazing week of Overwatch.

Note: We are only following the stage standings in these articles.
If you are interested in the full standings you should check out the Overwatch League site here.

And there are the eight teams that will be racing the stage two playoffs stage. Of particular note are Hangzhou and Shanghai, who will both be making their first ever playoffs appearances.

Two weeks ago, the Atlanta Reign bested the New York Excelsior handing them their first defeat of the season. Given their differences in record, most chalked it up to the Excelsior looking past the Reign and not giving them their proper attention. But after neither team participating in last week’s Homestand Weekend in Dallas, and neither having any games in between, the Reign replicated their previous performance and gave the Excelsior their second consecutive loss.

‘Now their is a whole new batch of questions being asked. How good are the Atlanta Reign? Do they just have the Excelsior’s number, or have they figured out the GOATS composition to a point where they will be a real force to be reckoned with come stage three? One way or the other, it should be exciting to find out.

The Washington Justice scores their second win of the season this week versus the Boston Uprising in a five game match that went right down to the wire. And while things are certainly looking better for the Justtice, with recent acquisitions of Ark and sleepy seeming to pay off, the Justice have a long way to go if they want to claw their way back to the top twelve, and possibly a season playoff spot.

The Los Angeles Valiant also had a great showing this week, as they grabbed their third win of the season and denied the Chengdu Hunters the possibility of a playoff spot. While the Valiant’s record has them in the bottom third of the league, many of their games have been decidedly close, and it looks like they may have finally put the pieces together to start putting some victories up. With the playoffs, followed by the All-Star break ahead the Valiant should have plenty of time to iron out the kink and get themselves into proper Overwatch League shape.

I hope you didn’t think that I wasn’t going to talk about it….

The San Francisco Shock made Overwatch history this week, completing the first ever perfect stage. And while, yes other teams have won every match in a stage before, the first being the Boston Uprising last season, no team has ever before gone a complete stage without giving up a single map. The San Francisco Shock walked out of this stage with a perfect +28 map differential and solidifying their place in Overwatch League history. And while their were many close calls along the way the Shock, through teamwork, skill, and sheer tenacity, conquered all challengers to accomplish this unprecedented feat!


Player of the Week

While the entire Los Angeles Valiant team showed up this week in their upset over Chengdu nobody gave a better show than KariV. Showing the true meaning of the term “flex support” he displayed his wide range of skill by not only excelling at his usual Zenyatta role, but showed up at times with Moira, and even some Roadhog. Even though, in recent games, the team has been preferring to go with off support player IZaYaKI, I expect, after today’s standout out performance, we will be seeing more of this impressive competitor on the Overwatch League Stage.

That’s all we have for stage two of the 2019 Overwatch League. I hope to see you back here when we take a look at the stage two playoffs coming this weekend.

’Till then, Keep playing the point!