So Here’s What Happened in Avengers: Endgame

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So Here’s What Happened is a monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women LaNeysha and Carolyn, who love to watch and read a lot of things!

In this special episode of So Here’s What Happened, Carolyn and LaNeysha chat about Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. After 11 years and 22 films, the Marvel Cinematic Universe wraps up phase 3 with a three hour long visual extravaganza. After the devastation Thanos (Josh Brolin) wrought on the universe in Avenger’s Infinity War, Tony (Robert Downey Jr.), Steve (Chris Evans), Natasha (Scarlett Johansson), Bruce (Mark Ruffalo), Rhody (Don Cheadle) isn’t it funny that I can’t bring myself to call him James? – Thor (Chris Hemsworth) and the rest of the crew come up with a plan to find the Infinity Stones, and hopefully reverse the damage done.

WARNING: There are Avengers: Endgame SPOILERS, so don’t be surprised.

Carolyn’s Special Thoughts

It’s very serendipitous and fitting that this special recap is the culmination of multiple storylines and character arcs in the MCU, because Infinity War was the very first podcast episode LaNeysha and I recorded. We’ve come so farther in a year than I thought possible. Working with her (and the ButWhyTho podcast family) has brought me more laughs, smiles and blessings than I know how to handle sometimes. I want to say a special thank you to LaNeysha for choosing me as her co-host, and standing by and supporting me when life got tough to handle at times. She’s not only a friend and sister, she’s one of my Avengers. Love you Neysha. heart emoji 🙂

LaNeysha’s Special Thoughts

Not only is this movie special to me because it’s marks the end of era in the MCU, but also because it marks the unofficial anniversary of So Here’s What Happened. When I first thought about starting an entertainment review podcast, I knew I needed a co-host. I knew wanted that co-host to be someone I could connect with and who would be equally, if not more, passionate about film, books and television. For me, that person was Carolyn and I couldn’t imagine doing this show with anyone else.  On and off the show she’s a great person and friend who encourages and inspires me in so many ways. Love you too Carolyn!

Thank you to our listeners who have been with us from the beginning, your support means everything to us, and we look forward to another year with you.

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  1. There may be a homing beacon on the ship or Nebula as a tracking signal on her. Rocket had the tech to locate them. That’s what I believe. I can’t accept the science of time travel. I am like Doc Brown, anything that a person does in the past, can affect the future.

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