PREVIEW: Overwatch League Stage Two, Week Five

Reading Time: 4 minutes

The final week before another Overwatch League stage playoff is here. With only three spots remaining and seven teams vying for them the stakes are going to be the highest we’ve seen so far this season. Let’s take a look at the match ups and see what games are going to be making, or breaking, these teams.

We’ve Been Here Before

Going into the last week of stage one all the Dallas Fuel has to do to make playoffs was win their last game against the Boston Uprising. They failed to get that critical win and will be looking to redeem themselves of that mistake when they face the same situation on Thursday when they face the Florida Mayhem. While the Mayhem are currently sporting an oh and six record this stage they have been undergoing some significant reworks to their team, and have already seen some results.

With the previous week off to practice they may manage to bring more to this game than the Fuel might be ready for. Meanwhile, Dallas is riding high off of their back to back wins last weekend when they hosted the first Overwatch Homestead Weekend, and if they can keep that momentum going they may manage to make plenty of Mayhem for Florida.

The Kingmakers


‘Both the Shanghai Dragons and the Philadelphia Fusion need to win their games this week if they hope to make the stage playoffs. Shanghai faces off against the Washington Justice to start their week, followed up by a match against the San Francisco Shock. Who will be playing the Fusion’s opponents in their final match of the stage as well.

The Shock have been on fire lately, with some analysts calling them the best looking team in Overwatch League right now.  And they are sure to be a brutal final obstacle for both of these teams if they hope to make the playoffs. The Dragons are going to need huge days from their star players as I imagine they will look to bring some very aggressive DPS heavy compositions to their match, as trying to outplay the Shock at the GOATS mirror match feels like a lost cause.

The Fusion I think are in an even tougher position than Shanghai, as their play has been riddled with inconsistencies, making for some extremely high highs, and some frightening lows. I feel they will also be in a harder spot when it comes to team compositions, as the Fusion tends to go much more for the standard GOATS composition which I just can’t seem them beating the Shock with.

Both the Fusion, and the Dragons face an immense up hill battle if they are going to overcome the Shock. But in a stage where the Atlanta Reign can upset the New York Excelsior, anything is possible.

Fight in the Far East

The Seoul Dynasty have two games this week. The first is against the unbeaten Vancouver Titans.  Unless they pull off a huge upset against Vancouver their only hope for grabbing a playoff berth is to win against the Hangzhou Spark. The Spark, who sit right next to Seoul in the stage standings, also need to win this match if they want to make the stage playoffs, especially given their horrible minus three map differential going into this week’s games.

Both teams have been playing strong lately, and with Seoul having settled on their roster, and the back and forth between Michelle and Fissure having been settled with Michelle landing the starting off tank position, the Dynasty look like they are in a strong spot to take this one.  Hangzhou have been building momentum lately. With star players Guxue, Adora and Krystal all showing up in more and more conversations the Spark can take this one if they can just keep a handle on the match and not allow the Dynasty to dictate the rhythm of the match.

Along with the two games the Boston Uprising will have this week all signs indicate to some amazing Overwatch being played. I hope you get a chance to enjoy some matches this week, and I hope to see you back here next week when we take a look at how the playoffs finally shake out.

‘Till then, keep playing the point!