Episode 100: AMA Drinking Game

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Episode 100: AMA

It’s been a long road, but we made it all the way to 100 main episodes of the podcast. So, in honor of this milestone, we asked you to Ask us Anything. To commemorate Episode 100: AMA we decided to make a drinking game to go along with it, but don’t worry we have our pretty much co-host at this point Alex come-in to moderate our very spirited discussion. [pun intended]

So, settle in and grab a drink or two or three with us! Enjoy our Episode 100: AMA.

Take a drink when…
  • Someone brings up Twitter
  • Someone brings up Star Wars
  • Someone is mean
  • Someone gets cut off
  • Someone mentions Box Office Mojo
  • Someone refers to a fictional character possessively ‘my girl,’ ‘my boy,’ etc
  • Anyone talks hard numbers
  • All the hosts start talking over each other
  • A question is met with prolonged silence
  • Matt talks about math or science Matt has a “damn kids” attitude
  • Adrian says dope or mentions Fast & Furious
  • Kate gives an emphatic “No” or “yes”

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