REVIEW: ‘Riverdale Season 3,’ Issue #2

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Riverdale Season 3 #2

Archie comics have come to life on the CW’s Riverdale for three seasons already, with a fourth to come. But would a show adaptation be without a tie-in comic? This is where Riverdale Season 3 comes in. With issue number one, the series took a deeper dive into some of the skeletons buried in and around Riverdale as well as hidden and unexpected connections to the Farm and the Game. As a companion piece, the series builds on relationships and ideas that are prominent in the show. Last week Riverdale Season 3 #2 hit stores with its dual story style. The first story, “Cold Comfort Farm,” in this issue focused on The Farm and how Polly Cooper came to join it. Written by novelist Micol Ostow, with art from Thomas Pitilli, colors by Andre Szymanowics, and letters by John Workman, this vignette dives into Polly’s life and highlights that although Betty may think she’s brainwashed, it was the only option that she had.

With Polly narrating most of this piece of the issue, Ostow does work to ensure that we are sympathetic to her cause. We don’t see Polly as a part of a crazy cult like Betty does, instead, we see her as a teenage mother with no options, no support, and every instinct to raise her children so that they are loved and safe. While neither of those were a given from her family and especially not from the Blossoms, The Farm provided her with this sanctuary. But this is just a taste and there is more to this story that we will see in further issues.

The second story, “Choni Goes West,” we see the fan-favorite couple of Cheryl Blossom and Toni head to Los Angeles to be with other Serpents and have a good time during their summer break. Also written by Ostow, this story features art from Joe Eisma, colors by Matt Herms, and letters from Janice Change. This vignette in comparison to the first is light-hearted, loving and Choni, the couple name for the two, are painting the town Blossom Red.

The girls head to clubs, share romance on the road, do the LA tourist life, all while being written in a romantic and flirty way. There isn’t a single moment in Ostow’s dialogue that I question Choni’s intimacy or connection. With one of the points of the story being that Cheryl doing the absolute most to prove that she belongs with the Serpents and prove that she belongs with Toni, it’s heartfelt.

Overall, Riverdale Season 3 #2 is well paced in each of its stories and true to the characters that we have come to know in the show. That being said, Pitilli’s art more closely reflects the actor counterparts of the characters on the page while Eisma’s is more an interpretation of their appearances. That isn’t to say that Eisma’s work is bad, it isn’t, but it is different than the Pitilli’s which made me re-read the first page of the story a couple of times. However, the fact they are disconnected stories alleviates any real issues this may cause to a reader accustomed to the television show.

That being said Herms’ colors in “Choni Goes West” are vibrant, fun, and compliment the script extremely well. This may because our leads have the best hair colors of the series, but the atmosphere of LA is perfection and the blue hues in the comic

Riverdale Season 3 #2 is available now.

Rating: 5/5

Riverdale Season 3 #2


Riverdale Season 3 #2 is well paced in each of its stories and true to the characters that we have come to know in the show.