REVIEW: ‘Hardcore,’ Issue #5

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Hardcore #5 is published by Skybound Entertainment an imprint of Image Comics. Written by Andy Diggle, with cover art by Dan Panosian, edited by Jon Moisan, artwork by Alessandro Vitti, colors by Adriano Lucas, and lettering by Thomas Mauer. This team’s skills and talent made for a wonderful series that will hopefully continue onward.

Hardcore #5 has Agent Drake looking to make his final stand against Markus, regardless of who gets in his way. Overall, the plot of Hardcore has come to a close as of this final issue, but it was exceptionally well paced and leaves off with enough to keep you wanting to know what’s going to happen in the next chapter of this epic battle between Agent Drake and Markus. We are left questioning if Agent Drake will ever be able to claim revenge on Markus for his past transgressions or will he simply leave the hunt for him up to the government? I personally hope, Agent Drake takes it personally and is able to quell his hatred and vitriol that he harbors within him.

Diggle’s dialogue in this issue continues to flow with the serious tone. It can have readers questioning, who’s going to take out who in the end, will Agent Drake achieve his victory and save his life, or will Markus snuff Agent Drake out and claim his revenge? The way Agent Drake speaks to Markus you can feel the anger and tension in his voice. Agent Drake has had enough of the games that Markus is playing. Meanwhile, Markus still has his air of cockiness lingering in this voice as time is ever quickly running out for Agent Drake.

Alessandro Vitti’s art in this chapter was amazing. There were a lot more action sequences and bullets flying than in previous issues. I still find myself reading the pages more than once because I get caught up in the artwork on the page first. The panels in this issue were done very nicely and kept things from feeling cluttered.

Lucas and his masterful ability to bring Vitti’s work to a higher plateau is amazing. The saturation and complementation of colors keep the mood perfectly understood without feeling lost. Mauer’s lettering is great, I don’t have to struggle to read anything that’s being said. I feel that the font choice was great. The bubbles on the pages are very well spaced apart as to keep from confusing the reader.

Overall, Hardcore #5 may be the conclusion to this chapter of the Hardcore series, but the action and suspense this series delivered will not be forgotten. I cannot recommend this series enough to be honest. It has done a great job of building the story, explaining the Hardcore system, giving you information on the main characters, and more.

Of course there’s a cliffhanger to be had. So, to the readers who are looking for something with great action, strong characters, a well thought out storyline, and some amazing talent in the background, Hardcore should definitely be series to pick up.

Hardcore #5


Overall, Hardcore #5 may be the conclusion to this chapter of the Hardcore series, but the action and suspense this series delivered will not be forgotten.