PREVIEW: Overwatch League Stage Two, Week Four

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With only two-day for matches this week it’s going to be light on games in the Overwatch League, but big on excitement. The Dallas Fuel will be hosting the first ever Homestand weekend! It’s exciting to see this milestone for the Overwatch League as it takes its first steps outside of the Blizzard Arena in L.A.. So let’s take a look and see who’s playing during this momentous weekend.

All times are Eastern Standard

Sparking the Hunt

With both of these teams standing at two and two only map differential has the Chengdu Hunters in the seventh seed for the playoffs currently, while the Hangzhou Spark sit at twelfth place. But their number of wins isn’t the only similarity between these two teams. Both struggle with consistency when it comes to their time on the Overwatch League Stage.

At times they give performances that make them look like they could play at the top of the game, while at other times they can’t get out of their own way. With the stage playoffs only two weeks always every game is critical and we’ll have to see which of these teams takes the next step toward them when they face off on Saturday.

A Battle for Europe

Things have been looking up some for the Paris Eternal this stage. After a very rocky start in stage one the Eternal currently find themselves tied for eighth place in the stage standings. With a meta that lets players like Eternal’s ShaDowBurn flex their muscles on some of the dps picks they became famous for the Eternal have shown some new life this stage.

However, the resurgence of dps is something that the London Spitfire have also enjoyed.with star dps players like Profit and birdring flexing into their deep hero pools due to the more open meta London has found itself on a tear as it currently stands at five and oh for the stage. Paris is looking to whether the Spitefire’s assault, and to do that they will need to god tier play from their front line tanks if they are going to pull of the upset.

Can We Say Games For Texas are Cool?

For the first time Dallas And Houston play for the home crowd and winning would be just what both teams desperately need to put a rough week behind them. Both teams went oh and two last week, and while only the Fuel are still in the stage playoff hunt I’m sure the Outlaws would love to start turning their luck around with a win for the home crowd.

If Houston want to bring in the win for Texas they will have to work on their adaptability. They failed horribly to adjust compositions against Shanghai Dragons last week, leading to Dragons dps player DDing to huge damage totals on Pharah, and costing the Outlaws the match. Against a Dallas team that has shown it can go for plenty of compositions beyond the standard GOATS the Outlaws must be ready to be reactive when needed.

For the Dallas Fuel, I think if they if they can just come out, force the Outlaws to play their game, keep their heads down if the map pool permits LiNKzr to play his favored hit-scan characters, and I think they will find themselves being the lone star above Texas on Sunday.

That’s all for stage two-week for of the Overwatch League. I’m looking forward to seeing how everything goes on the road, and I look forward to seeing you all back here for my recap next week.

‘Till then, keep playing the point!