REVIEW: ‘Dial H For Hero,’ Issue #2

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Whether through small references in shows like Dexter’s Laboratory and Yu-Gi-Oh, or being an integral part in the inspiration of a show’s premise like Ben 10, the Dial H For Hero series has attracted fans since the 1960s. Fans of the series have seen various heroes as holders of the H-Dial and have watched them transform into various heroes. It seems like a simple premise, but it’s more than enough to grab a new readers’ attention, like myself.

Dial H For Hero #2, published by DC Comics’ imprint Wonder Comics, is written by Sam Humphries, illustrated by Joe Quinones, colored by Jordan Gibson, and lettered by Dave Sharpe. In the previous issue, readers met Miguel, the new holder of the H-Dial. He was rescued by Superman when he was younger and has been searching to feel that sort of rush from being saved again. Miguel also meets Summer, a local girl who is infamous for constantly running away from home. After failing to perform a dangerous stunt and on the verge of death, the H-Dial appears before Miguel and he transforms. Now bonded with the phone, he and Summer run away in a mayonnaise truck owned by Miguel’s uncle.

This issue picks up with Miguel and Summer in a diner trying to decide what to eat. The H-Dial is constantly ringing, which irritates everyone in the diner. Miguel does not know what to do and starts to regret picking up the phone when it appeared before him. Just then, he and Summer are attacked by several people who are looking to steal the H-Dial. Still unsure with what to do and dealing with the pressure of responsibilities that they weren’t aware of, Miguel and Summer must work together to survive the attack and find away to escape.

To be honest, I was completely unaware that this series existed. It was recommended to me from several friends since the first issue came out last month, and everything they said inspired me to get the comic. By the end of the first issue, I immediately thought of Ben 10, which has a similar premise. However, the show has its hero transform into different beings through a watch rather than a phone. It was one of my favorite animated shows of all time and I knew I would enjoy anything that severed as inspiration for the show.

From “Dial H For Hero” #2 – Sam Humphries (Writer), Joe Quinones (Artist), Jordan Gibson (Colorist), and Dave Sharpe (Letterer).

I found Miguel’s inner monologues where he’s talking with Superman very interesting. Superman left a big impact on his life and his monologues show readers just how much Miguel looks up to him. This will surely make Miguel relatable to several readers, since he’s written as if he were a superhero fan who has a special connection with them. These conversations also serve as Miguel’s moments of reflection. He always asks Superman what he would do in the situations that Miguel faces.

I love the friendship dynamic between Summer and Miguel. The writer doesn’t immediately make it seem like they’re friends who completely trust each other. Even at the end of the issue, it appears as if their friendship still has a long way to go before establishing itself. I’m hoping their friendship is developed more to the point where they completely trust one another. They’ll surely need each other to survive.

The hero designs in both issues have been incredible. Miguel’s transformations seem to correspond to whatever situation he finds himself in. Major props has to be given to the artist from bringing his transformations to like and finding ways to make them both unique. From the looks of it, Miguel will have many more transformations and I’m very much looking forward to seeing the artist’s designs of them.

I had an absolute blast in continuing to read this action packed coming-of-age story. It does an incredible job in making Miguel question himself rather than thrusting him into the role as hero without any dilemmas. Things are most likely going to pick up fast, especially because of the way the issue left off. I’m looking forward to reading the next issue and will definitely look at the previous incarnations of heroes.

Dial H For Hero #2 is available now wherever comic books are sold.

Dial H For Hero #2


It does an incredible job in making Miguel question himself rather than thrusting him into the role as hero without any dilemmas.