Preview – Overwatch League Stage Two Week Two

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With week one of stage two of the Overwatch League in the books and a new meta forming before our eyes, it’s time to look ahead to see what week two might have to offer us. The possibilities seem truly staggering. We will still be seeing some teams play for the first time this stage. But for now, let’s take a look at this week’s matches.

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What Does the Future Hold?

The Paris Eternal had an uneven start to stage two sweeping their first match against the Guangzhou Charge, only to then be swept by the Chengdu Hunters. While the Hunters tendency to play their own game is certainly known for throwing opponents off theirs, it doesn’t feel like that is the only culprit for their sweep of the Eternal.

Paris was very much built around the GOATS meta and while they have a number of skilled players capable of flexing to heroes more suited to the current meta it doesn’t seem they’ve quite managed to gel yet.

Meanwhile, the Florida Mayhem are switching up who they are playing in stage two. And while they did drop their first to matches they looked like a team rapidly coming together. If they continue to improve at the pace we’ve seen so far, and Paris continues to struggle with what it wants to be, Florida could find itself walking away with its first win of the stage.

Something to Prove

Although the Boston Uprising has won its last three regular season matches all have been reverse sweeps, and not the most consistent performances across the board. The Hangzhou Spark missed the stage one playoffs, and had a hard time in their first game of the stage last week, losing to the Vancouver Titans 4-0.

But, those are the Titans. A team many would argue are the best the League has to offer, and even then they showed they had potential. A very fast push on King’s Row after they Punished Vancouver’s  Haksal for stepping out-of-place showed the Spark can capitalize on an opponent’s mistakes. And with the Uprising’s current tendency for falling behind in matches the Spark will be looking to take this punishment to a whole new level.

To Hunt a Dragon

While the Chengdu Hunters struggled a bit in their match against the Washington Justice, they never the less walked out of week one with an unbeaten record for the stage. The Hunters have a propensity for trying out unusual team compositions, they’ve shown they sometimes get a little too married to the ideas they come up with, even when it clearly isn’t working.

Shanghai Dragons lost both of their week one games, three games to one against the Los Angeles Gladiators, and a three games to zero match against the New York Excelsior, but handled themselves well considering both teams are being looked at as likely top four contenders in the stage so far.

The Dragons certainly have shown they can weather some rough storms as they never seemed to crumble to their previous  opponents, and will be ready for the odd balls Chengdu loves to throw. If Shanghai can punish Chengdu’s creativity, Changdu fail to adapt as they have shown is their tendency, Shanghai could very easily be walking away with a match win when these two meet this week.

And there we have it. My insights into stage two week two of the Overwatch League. Things are a little more sparse than usual this week, as so much is still unknown, and a couple of teams still haven’t even played in the new meta, but here are a few matches I think will stand out. Hopefully things will be a bit clearer next week and I’ll have more thoughts and insights to share with you.

‘Til then, keep playing the point!